5 Tips for Avoiding Obesity in Women


Tip # 1

Ladies, for some time now I have been encouraging you to pay careful attention to your health and the health of those who surround you. I have been educating you to the fact that any form of exercise, improves your health. That reading the labels on the packaging of the foods you are purchasing is very important. We have become a nation of obese people. We think that since we have plenty, we are obligated to consume it all, and we are doing an excellent job of it.

Tip # 2

Before you exercise, if you do it in the morning have a light snack, so you don't run out of energy in the process. In the interim, if you do so in the afternoon, have yourself a small carb snack, one or two hours in advance. To help your muscles recoup after your exercise, have a combination of protein and carbs, but make that a small portion and above all, do not forget to drink a lot of water. Some of us claim not to like water, and do not drink and much water as we need; but there are natural enhancers to flavor your water, I like a few drops of lemon, if you go for commercial enhancers, read the labels for sugar content.

Tip # 3

Remember that with any luck, with the advance in scientific findings, the chances of our living to a ripe old age keep improving, but … we do not want to get old in an unhealthy body or mind. Among some of the advantages, is the fact that we can remain independent and not become a burden to anyone, to that respect, we need to keep both mind and body, active. Research says that Alzheimers can be caused by inheritance or it could be caused by the inactivity of our brains. We pray for a long life, so we can see our children and grandchildren grow, in that case, the best chance we have of getting there, is by being healthy, and by taking care of ourselves today.

Tip # 4

To those of you who have children, take a good look at them, don't be blind to the fact that they may be overweight, it's bad enough that school food is not exactly healthy, let us not contribute to that fact by feeding our kids processed foods, cereals and snacks full of sugar, and sandwiches with preserved meats that are loaded with chemicals. Researches claim that just one serving a day of any of the preserved meats that our children ingest, increases their chances toward developing, at a later point, any number of diseases that they should not acquire otherwise and could do very well without.

Tip # 5

Consequently, let us not be enablers, by buying them all the wrong treats and foods just because they want them; if we do that, we are also predisposing them to becoming diabetics or morbidly obese, and what about choking the heart with all that surrounding fat! There is hardly an internal organ that does not suffer when we are overweight or heavy. And last but not least, let us not forget the taunting our children undergo from the other children in school, the name calling, the humiliating feeling they get because they are heavy! Our kids are our most precious commodity; let us take good care of them! Good luck!

Source by Gladys Alvarez


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