Nuts and Beans – Healthy Foods to Go With Your Low Carb Diet



Nuts and Beans are unknown to a lot of people; very healthy foods. If you can just include these foods every single meal you take, not only it will make you lose fat much more effectively but it will lead you to a much healthier body. It’s great to pair with your low carb diet meals for maximum efficiency.

Almonds and Walnuts

To start things of, all kinds of nuts are naturally rich in protein used to build muscles and good fats (monounsaturated fat). Take note the most nutritious nuts are Almonds and walnuts. The thing that makes nuts good for the health is calories from nuts aren’t easily picked up by our bodies. Nuts also improves digestion because of their skin that is rich in fiber. Because nuts tends to release calories very slowly, it stimulates the feeling of being full for some time. Aside from being rich in protein which helps to build muscles, Nuts contains a fair amount of magnesium which is important component in muscle building. A very good trick to fight craving is to eat at least 24 almonds as a quick snack right before a meal, then to drink around 8 ounces of water to give you a feeling of fullness. Water tends to help fiber disperse in your stomach therefore maki9ng you feel fuller after eating almonds.

Beans and Sprouts

Beans are one nutritious food to induce in a diet. Beans aren’t just source of a variety of nutrition, they also prevent some major illnesses like cancer, heart problems, high blood pressure and obesity. Black bean is the most nutritious of bean family. Some restaurants that serve burritos include black beans as a main ingredient. Some restaurants that serve burritos include black beans as a main ingredient. The famous Chipotle beans which are smoke-dried jalapeno chili is so nutritious and well balanced with important nutrients that you can actually substitute a whole meal with this bean dish. Beans and sprouts helps in building muscles, elimination of fat and improve digestion and bowel movement, and they are naturally rich in fiber, protein, iron, folate and bioflacanoids.

The next time you grab a snack, instead substitute it with Nuts and Beans and your on your way towards a more healthy lifestyle .


Source by Owe Eng