The Best Way To Get Rid of Man Boobs For Good



There are many ways "man-boobs", (or "moobs" for short), can happen, but two of the most common are a hormone imbalance or just generally being overweight. To get rid of man-boobs though, requires you to first know the cause of your problem.

For those not morbidly obese (ie those with a BMI of between 40 to 50, or more than 45 kg over your normal height-to-weight-ratio weight), your man-boobs are most likely the result of low testosterone. If so, you should check with your doctor about dietary changes, or even hormone supplements. Vigorous exercise will also naturally increase production of testosterone.

Men and women store fat in different areas on their bodies; women tend to store fat on their thighs, hips and buttocks, while men tend to store fat on their chest, stomach and back.

The most obvious answer of the best way to get rid of man-boobs is good old 'diet and exercise! It's the same as any other bodybuilding or weight loss program. Exercise helps condition your muscles, and the more tissue you have in your muscles, the more it'll help burn both stored and ingested fat.

Your diet is important not only for helping your body burn fat that it has stored, but to help with the eating habits that probably gave you your man-boobs in the first place! Your exercise and diet can be quite specific in targeting man-boobs, and also other fat stores around your body.

The early health and fitness clubs perpetuated the myth of "spot-reducing". Hip rollers, vibrating belt machines and other mechanical body-part agitating contraptions were pushed as a viable option, but this was mostly based on financial reasons, rather than health ones! Any supposed "successes" were more than likely due to a good diet regime, not the then-fancy belt machines!

Nowadays, we know that fat is pretty much stored equally in those aforementioned key areas of men and women. All good nutrition and exercise programs are going to reduce body fat evenly. So if you want to work off your man-boobs, you're going to work off fat in those other areas too. It's a win-win situation!

By exercising all your chest muscles, you'll build and grow them up under your man-boobs. This will make your chest a lot firmer, but you'll still need to get rid of the left-over layer of fat between your skin and your freshly formed muscles!

Here's how to get rid of those pesky man-boobs. This simple program of diet and exercise will provide strength for your body, but also reduce your overall body fat.

This Exercise / Strength Training Program should increase your strength and the size of your muscles. While this particular exercise program is aimed at getting rid of man-boobs, you should include additional exercises for your lower body. And while bodybuilders usually go for massive size rather than necessarily strength or fitness, your program will deal with upper body workouts and lower body workouts on alternating days. On Monday, Wednesday and Friday, you'll work your upper body. On Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, you'll work your lower body. Sunday is a rest day. Simple, huh?

Each exercise is to be performed three (3) times, mostly for ten (10) repetitions.


• Wide-Grip Bench Press
• Wide-Grip Incline Barbell Press
• Wide-Grip Decline Barbell Press
• Dumbbell Flies on Flat Bench


• Standing Barbell Press
• Upright Rowing with a Barbell
• Front Dumbbell Raises
• Lateral Dumbbell Raises


• Lat Machine Pull-Downs
• Seated Rowing with Cable-And-Pulley Machine
• Bent Over Rowing with a Barbell
• Pull-Ups on the Chinning Bar


• Biceps Curls with Easy-Curl-Bar
• Triceps Press Downs on Cable-And-Pulley Machine
• Preacher Bench Curls with Easy-Curl-Bar
• Triceps Presses on Flat Bench
• Concentration Curls with a Dumbbell, alternating arms
• Bent Over Triceps Extensions

The Nutrition Program

The average calorie intake for an active person is determined by both age and gender. Check with your doctor for YOUR daily calorie limit.

Calories should be coming from carbohydrates (40%), proteins (25%), fibers and fats (35%). No refined carbohydrates though: no starches, refined grains, sugars or artificial sweeteners. Carbohydrates should be coming from unprocessed fruits and vegetables.

Protein should be coming from milk, eggs, organ meats (heart, liver, kidneys, sweetbreads), pork, poultry, beef and fish.


Source by Johnny Drama