Write Your Book: Six Benefits for Psychotherapists



Have you dreamed of writing a book related to your clinical expertise? Becoming an author allows you to share your hard-won knowledge and at the same time refresh your professional life.

Becoming an author can help you as a clinician in six different ways. It will:

1. Increase your credibility and reputation,

2. Deepen your understanding of your professional work,

3.Expand your awareness of issues in your field

4. Expand your awareness of issues in your field,

5. Access new opportunities,

6. Expand your scope of practice.

Credibility and Reputation

Being a published author conveys a message that what you have to say is worth saying. Your ideas and experience are valued in the publishing world. I didn't realize when I began my journey into becoming an author that a team of people from editorial and marketing would become excited about my book and would cheer me on. Their enthusiasm, rippling out into the world as they go about their work, validates your work in the eyes of people who have an interest in your subject.

Deepen your understanding

Writing about your subject opens your mind to new possibilities and ways of looking at the issues you are exploring. You begin by sharing what you know, ie: your expertise. As you write you discover gaps in your knowledge and new questions you want to answer. You'll find yourself doing more research in the world and in your own heart to articulate the discoveries you make as you honor your intention. I was more than half way through my writing process when I discovered such a gap. I realized I needed a chapter about sexual exploitation in the lives of women with eating disorders.

Expand your awareness of issues in your field

Your own unique book will emerge from your own unique mind, heart and spirit as words flow from your pen or keyboard. But your book also emerges in the midst of the research and conversations going on in your field. To help your reader understand what you are saying you need to place your book in a broader context. The best writing presents a clear and brief picture of current issues in your professional niche so your reader appreciates your choices in what you emphasize. As I wrote my book I found the process brought me more up to date with respect to current treatment protocols, the research and controversies connected to eating disorders.

Access new opportunities

As you write your book you discover you have more to say than pages will allow. You cut the redundancies, but you also cut some valuable material that goes into more detail than your book can carry. Those details become the foundation for workshops, seminars, lectures and classes. I'm meeting fellow authors from Conari who do workshops in exotic places around the world. I'm not packing for Costa Rica, but now I find myself considering creating some new workshops on eating disorders and on the journey to becoming an author.

Expand your scope of practice

Writing your book can show you that you have valuable knowledge you're not using or that you're unaware you are using. As you read what you write and revise what you've written you discover unacknowledged themes that inform and add value to the work you do. I've studied different cultures and religions most of my life.

In revising my chapter on contemplations before a meal I found myself investigating prayers and meditations from many cultures related to eating. This was new for me. I have a sense that this chapter is the beginning of a new path of eating disorder recovery exploration.

More specifically, and new in my practice, I'm finding that fathers of adult women with eating disorders are sharing their grief and bewilderment with me.

Writing your book is a challenging journey that will stimulate your mind and force you to grow. It's a journey that can bring you to a new dimension in your life where you meet new people, learn new skills, discover new talents and create new income streams. I heartily recommend it.

What ideas are you ready to spill on pages? How can you get started writing the book that's already within you?


Source by Joanna Poppink