Review of the Body By Vi 90 Day Weight Loss Challenge


Your health is the most important thing in your life. Without your health you really have nothing. Most people wait until it is too late. They wait until their doctor gives them the awful news that they are overweight, or worse, have a disease.

Americans continue to pack on the pounds year after year. The citizens of the US are the world's heaviest. Walking around with that extra weight is not attractive and it will kill you if you do not take the appropriate steps. Obviously, it is in our best interest to maintain a healthy weight but with so many so called "magic pills" what really works and is backed by doctors?

ViSalus Sciences is paving the way for healthy living. This company has created the Body By Vi 90 day challenge to help everyone achieve their weight loss and fitness goals. The Body By Vi Challenge was launched in July of 2009 and has already helped Americans lose 2,500,000 pounds.

The Body By Vi Challenge is not a fad weight loss routine. It is designed by medical doctors to help people achieve their ideal weight and fitness goals while at the same time helping them feel great. This takes place in just 90 days.

The Body By Vi Challenge is based on patented products which help you control hunger, lose fat and keep muscle. When you join the Body By Vi challenge you have access to an online tracking system that gives you nutrition, fitness and weight loss support and tips. It also gives you a food diary to keep track of your daily intake. The online community also allows you to interact with others who are trying to achieve their weight loss goals. It gives you the opportunity to post photos, ask questions and provide or receive support.

The Body By Vi Challenge gives $ 100,000 in prize money to the challenge winners each year. There is also a grand prize winner every 90 days. Body By Vi will give a male, female and one couple a transformational vacation.

Most people fail diets because they are trying to lose weight on their own. Having people to support and motivate you is the secret to achieving your weight loss goals.

When anyone starts the Body By Vi challenge, they get a site where they can refer friends and family to. If they refer 3 people to join them in the challenge, they continue the challenge for free. This makes losing weight fun and very affordable.

The Body By Vi Challenge is about changing your entire life for the better. With the chance to win money and a vacation are even further incentives to live a healthy life.

Source by Matthew L.