Gout Pain Remedy – What Treatments Can Quickly Relieve Pain Caused by Gout?


The reason that many people could be suffering from the condition known as gout on a regular basis may be related to factors such as diet, lifestyle and obesity. Although this inflamed condition occurs mainly in men, there are many women that also suffer. It appears that people in the higher age brackets are more susceptible to the development of gout than those who are younger.

Although the above factors contribute to the condition of gout, the main cause of gout is related to uric acid build up within the body. When there is too much uric acid in the body and it is not being excreted through the urine adequately, uric crystals can form. It is these crystals that cause inflammation and the condition of gout.

Gout will predominantly occur in the joint of the lower limbs and sufferers will experience extreme pain and swelling in the area. There is no identifiable cure at this stage, although gout pain remedy options are available that will help to relieve the symptoms. You can provide yourself with a natural gout pain remedy by following a few important guidelines.

– Diet – this is an important aspect to reducing and preventing gout from occurring.

– Alcohol – excessive and in some cases, even moderate drinking of alcohol, can increase the build up of uric acid and – cause an attack of gout.

– Smoking – not only damages the arteries but can also slow down the healing process.

– Fluid – Increasing water intake is important to help flush out toxins and to excrete excess uric acid from the body.

Suffering from gout often means losing many opportunities for a good night sleep. The condition is usually worse during the night and it is not uncommon to find people also suffering from a lack of sleep. There are some medicines available that you will find suitable as a gout pain remedy and many of them fall under the category of NSAID (Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs). Some of the common medications within this category that can help to clam down the inflamed areas may include:

o Ketoprofen

o Ibuprofen

o Naproxen

o Indomethacin

o Diclofenac

These are usually taken orally and will usually need to be prescribed by a doctor. A different substance that may however contain some side effects is known as Colchicine. For those that suffer in an acute way, this can provide an effective gout pain remedy and some welcome relief. Due to the side effects, it is not recommended to use a product such as this over a long period of time.

A quick gout pain remedy could be to use Corticosteroids, which may be injected directly into the joint of the affected area. Again, methods such as this will have side effects, so you do need to be careful. Finding an effective gout pain remedy that will work for you is important to relieve the pain and suffering that is encountered. For severe cases it may be necessary to continue treatments on a regular basis even when no symptoms are present.

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