Lose 15 Lbs in a Week- How to Lose 15 to 20 Pounds of Body Fat With Juice Fasting?


In order to lose 15 Lbs in a week juice fasting seems to be a healthy option. Most people undergo different types of diets, exercises and even surgeries in order to lose weight. Nobody likes the extra burden of fats on their body. Obesity creates many problems such as diabetes, heart diseases etc that makes you shapeless and unattractive.

Undergoing a very low-calorie diet is like starvation. One should completely avoid these types of diets. They can be harmful for your body. In order to lose weight healthily, one should do juice fasting. They completely detoxify your body and revitalize all your organs. They also stimulate enough metabolisms in your body and burn lots of calories thereby losing 15 lbs in a week time.

It is always advisable to consult a doctor before undergoing juice fasting. You can perform this process for two consecutive days and should resume this process after an interval of five days in order to get the best results.

How To Lose 15 To 20 Pounds Of Body Fat With Juice Fasting ?

. Consumption of only fruits and vegetables is the best way to shed those extra pounds of weight from your body. This diet helps your body in detoxification. You can’t eat anything other than fruits, vegetables, fruit juices and spring water during the diet. Taking liquid diet is extremely necessary to lose 15 to 20 pounds of body fat with juice fasting.

. You can also have fruit salads and vegetable salads during juice fasting. They are rich in minerals and vitamins and low in fats. In order to lose 15 Lbs in a week, one should continue this diet for two days.

. Fruits like grapes, acai berry and apples should be eaten more. Continues consumption of these fruits throughout the day generate metabolism in your body and stimulate enough fat burning eventually making you lose 15 lbs in a week.

Source by Anna Holman


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