How to Lose 5 Pounds


The simplicity in our thoughts will surely reflect on the outcome of any task that we perform. There is a number of ways by which a single task could be done. But it is all about choosing the simplest option and that is what is termed as smartness. But at the same time, it does not mean that we should prove our smartness at each and every point of time. That would make our thinking and issues very complicated.

When you start thinking about the ways to lose 5 pounds, you are likely to have a number of options in front of you to choose. But you first need to bear in mind that 5 pounds is a small number. But you should not take that for granted. You might come across a lot of advertisements and promotional activities in mass and print media that would throw away promises. Do not get carried away by any such attractive offer. None other than you would know better about your body and physique. Your health is more important to you than anyone else. So obviously you will be paying more attention to your health. Do not let anyone to misuse that care and attention that you hold for your health and fitness. It will in no way help you to lose 5 pounds or whatever your goal is regarding weight loss.

Consult a physician!

It is always good to consult a physician before you decide anything about your weight loss program and schedule. What you know about yourself would be mostly related to your external characteristics. But a physician can find out a lot more information about you. A physician would be able to identify the strengths and weaknesses that your physique holds. Such an analysis will give you a clear cut idea of ​​what to do and what not to do. That way you can play safe and lose pounds with a sense of satisfaction without any fear.

A physician will not only be helpful in advising you regarding health but also in planning your diet and exercises. Since the target is just losing 5 pounds, it does not a very specialized dietitian for suggesting you the appropriate diet. In fact the diet chart suggested for a person willing to lose 5 pounds would look more generic and common when compared to the chart that would be prepared for a person who wants to lose 50 pounds. As mentioned earlier, think simple and that would be more than sufficient for you to shed your weight.

Change your habits gradually!

It is true that one cannot change his / her habits in just one go. Once you have consulted a physician and sought advice regarding the measures that you should take to lose 5 pounds, start gradually and do not panic about anything. A steady start would ensure maximum satisfaction to you while you proceed with your plans and that would serve as a boost for you till the end. Do not change every aspect of your diet in the beginning itself. That might make you feel uncomfortable about the sudden change. It might further reduce your enthusiasm with regard to carrying your plans forward. So it is better to play safe because that interest that you hold is the key for everything that is related to your fitness regime.

Simple exercises and diet!

A healthy and wholesome diet is needed for everyone to stay healthy. The reason that many individuals become obese is just because they do not have a proper diet in the right timings. A healthy and balanced diet should contain right proportions of proteins, carbohydrates, fat, vitamins and minerals. It is not possible for you to measure every food item for its accurate nutritional value and that is not needed as well. Just make sure that you prepare your diet in a safe and healthy way. Include at least a serving of fruits and vegetables for every meal. Eat a lot of sprouted cereals and grains as they are protein rich. Avoid eating red meat and instead start eating sea foods. Sea foods are rich omega-3 fatty acids and it worth mentioning that omega-3 fatty acids are not that widely present in other sources. Eating nutritious food would indirectly help in building your body.

Restrain yourself from smoking, drinking alcoholic beverages, junk foods, crash diets, soft drinks, etc. While smoking would spoil your health, drinking and other things would add a lot of extra calories to your daily intake. Dieting is more about calorie intake levels and hence you should be serious and choosy about what you eat.

Coming on to exercises, to lose 5 pounds, no heavy workouts are needed. In fact you need not have a dedicated schedule for exercises everyday. You can make sure that you exert sufficiently every day so that you burn your excess calories. Try going for walks or go for jogging. Try using stairs instead of elevators. Flex and stretch your muscles by doing some household work instead of relying on others for getting the work done. Try using a cycle for shorter distances instead of a two wheeler. Cycling, walking and jogging are all aerobic exercises and they do not demand much effort from you. You need to make sure that you prefer doing them instead of opting for your routine ways.

An emphasis should also be laid on the time at which you are supposed to do exercises. Exercising in the mornings is the best. It is because you can get loads of fresh air and that will energize you for the rest of the day. Also the early morning sunshine is rich in vitamin D. Older people would mostly have lower levels of vitamin D in them and hence it would be very good for them to do workouts in the mornings. The advantage of the above said methods is that people of all age groups can follow these without any problem. In fact the exercises suggested above could be made a part of daily activity so that no dedicated time slot is needed for performing them. It is all about regularity and sincerity when it comes to losing weight.

Source by Tim Barren