The Ideal Human pH & Its Benefits


The natural and ideal human pH of the body is 7.4. This alkaline pH is very essential for the body's functions to be carried out smoothly. All metabolic as well as chemical activities in the body are acidic in nature and an alkaline pH balances it out. If the human pH becomes acidic in nature it harms the entire body.

The human pH is a regulator which keeps all acidic levels of the body in control and affects each and ever organ and it's functions. The food we eat affect our pH. If we consume acidic foods then our pH gets acidic while alkaline foods make the pH alkaline. As soon the our pH tilts to the acidic side disastrous effects follow. An acidic imbalance is like a magnet for diseases. Cells take in oxygen and nutrition and expel toxins, with a acidic human pH this function gets affected and the cells immune system gets overwhelmed and the cell becomes unhealthy and weak making it a target for serious and fatal diseases like cancer. The human pH also affects the functions of the brain. The brain does not have any fat cells of its own but absorbs energy directly for the blood cells. An altered pH prevents the brain from doing so and as a result the brain gets weakened. An acidic human pH also changes the polarity of the blood cells from negative to positive and they immediately get attracted to the artery walls, which are also negative thus causing them to clog and problems to occur. This leads to serious coronary problems. An acidic body pH also results in weight gain. Obesity is a direct consequence of an acidic imbalance. Restoring this pH to it's alkaline nature will help get rid of those unwanted pounds.

All vital organs of the human body get affected by the acid / alkaline balance. Healthy blood cells are red and round but as soon as their surroundings become acidic they become off color and shapeless thus losing their balance and with that health. An alkaline human pH is very essential for a healthy and long life. One must take care to maintain this alkaline pH so as to repel diseases and energize oneself. A lot of alkaline foods like vegetables, fruits, almonds, honey, olive oil and alkaline water should be consumed while acidic foods like animal flesh, fats and processed foods should form no more than 20% of the entire food intake.

Using a saliva test or a urine test can easily test the human pH. A simple litmus paper test shall tell you if your body pH is alkaline or acidic. When taking the human pH saliva test make sure to perform the test one hour before a meal or then at least two hours after a meal. Take the test for a week and conclude your average pH. If the results are acidic step in now and move to an alkaline diet so as to restore your health as well as cure and repel diseases. An alkaline human pH is the only way to stay healthy and energetic.

Source by Will Johnson


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