Benefits and Side Effects of Self-Hypnosis


Self-hypnosis could be practiced based on scenarios that everyone can find in audio books, magazines, or psychology-focused publications. The guidelines provide practitioners with methods and procedures, which help them, enter a state of deep relaxation or meditation. Individuals who are willing to overcome day-to-day stress and to get rid of negative thoughts embrace such practices. Self-hypnosis sessions should not go beyond emotional established limits as the psyche might get confused. Although self-hypnosis practitioners impart the benefits of this procedure, psychologists are rather reluctant and emphasize mainly the risks of uncontrolled trance. Pros and cons of self-hypnosis in contrast with professionally assisted hypnosis are detailed below:

· free of charge emotional benefits versus expensive hypnotherapy sessions

As it has been mentioned before, self-hypnosis is practiced following general procures that we can easily find even on the Internet, whereas, hypnotherapists establish complex treatment methods which are generally combined with hypnotherapy. Thus, medical expertise always involves higher costs because professional techniques and can even cure various stress disorders.

· superficial relaxation procedures versus professional treatment

Psychologists disincline all procedures that encourage self-therapy, as they believe that untrained or unprepared individuals cannot cure themselves or identify the causes of a particular disorder. Furthermore, unsupervised trances might even affect negatively the inner equilibrium.

· dangerous self-therapy versus guaranteed results

Many people resort to self-hypnosis for a wide array of reasons. Some of them enter self-hypnosis mainly because they want to manage productively their emotions while others are simply curious. However, certified psychologists are able to reach effectively curative results for a wide spectrum of stress disorders (phobias, eating disorders, insomnias, or posttraumatic stress disorder).

Source by Alexandra Cazacu


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