How Lung Cancer Affects the Rest of the Body


Lung cancer is one of the diseases that do not discriminate any age it affects both the young and the old. It basically involves simultaneous growth of cancerous cells in the lung. You might think that this disease is related only to the smokers but that's not true many non-smokers have also been diagnosed with this deadly disease. Besides affecting the lungs, this cancer also causes havoc to other parts of the body more so when it has gone through metastasis.

In most cases this disease is rarely diagnosed especially when it is in its primary stage. In fact most cases are identified when a doctor orders a chest scan for some other health conditions. The first stage mainly involves the growth of the cell inside the lungs. It then begins to invade the tissues of the lungs. Nearby tissues aren't spared also. It has been realized that the tumor may in fact push against the chest and that's when someone starts experiencing some symptoms which include blunt, persistent cough, constant pain in the chest panting and other health conditions such as pneumonia.

Did you know lung cancer may also affect the brain? Well, this very true research has shown that the brain may be affected to the extent of developing some health issues or symptoms. Patients may have vision issues, feel weak on one part of the body or even experience seizures.

Metastasis of lung cancer to the bones also may also happen. A patient may experience discomfort in the backbone commonly known as the vertebrae. The ribs and the thighs aren't an exceptional either patients suffering from lung cancer may also experience weakness in the thighs or some discomfort in the ribs.

The vocal chords of patients suffering from this disease have also been seen to paralyze with time. Patients may also start feeling pain in the shoulders or the deltoids as well. Swallowing also becomes a problem with lung cancer patients. The worst however may result when it proceeds to the esophagus. If an airway and to be precise a large one becomes obstructed then the lobe of the lung may collapse hence exposing it to an infection.

Generally Lung cancer doesn't just affect the lungs it also metastases to other parts of the body. Nearly all the body systems get affected. It is a killer disease and according to statistics it has killed very many people around the globe. Unfortunately many other patients are continuing to perish from this deadly cancer. It is therefore a wise idea that everyone becomes screened to eradicate any possibilities of the disease. Remember the earlier it is detected the better and the faster it can be treated.

Source by Harry Hassami


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