Carpal Tunnel "Cure"


Twenty years ago, carpal tunnel was considered a disease, and the search for a “cure” was in great demand. Today, it has become apparent that carpal tunnel is certainly not a disease, but usually just a simple case of muscle imbalance. Of course, receiving a doctor’s diagnosis of this is required, as there are other things that will cause carpal tunnel or the same symptoms as carpal tunnel syndrome.

Besides muscle imbalance, water tension, obesity, genetics, diabetes and arthritis can either cause carpal tunnel or exhibit signs of carpal tunnel. Your doctor can run a few tests to rule out most of these and help direct you to the best form of treatment.

The first treatment should be exercises that help promote a healthy balance within your upper extremity. Most people can completely relieve or greatly reduce their symptoms by focusing on the weak, underused muscles on the backside of the hand and forearm, called the extensor muscles. Studies show that while exercising the weak extensor muscle group, and stretching the tight, over used flexor group (located on the palm side of your hands and forearm) you can easily and rather quickly, end your carpal tunnel dilemma for good.

Due to scientific studies outlining the potential for great success when carpal tunnel is treated as a muscle imbalance, you can now find a number of healthcare professionals using techniques that will specifically focus on exercising the extensor muscles, while stretching and lengthening the flexor muscles. Before you allow anyone to perform surgery, it is advised you first try more conservative methods. Search out a therapist that understands the theory of muscle balance and carpal tunnel – chances are very good they will be able to alleviate all your symptoms without cutting you open.

Best Wishes and Good Luck!!

Source by Jeff Anliker


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