Natural Treatment for Diabetes Cam Help to Improve Diabetics’ Health


This article examines natural treatment for diabetes to keep this illness under control and possibly reverse it.

What is Diabetes?

The diabetes is a metabolic alteration which occurs when the glucose in the blood exceeds normal levels (hyperglycemia) causing a deficiency of insulin. The term “glycemic” refers to the glucose circulating in the blood with normal values ranging between 70 and 110 mg / dl. An increase in these baseline values above 120 mg / dl in three successive controls, is indicative of a diabetic condition.

There are two different forms of the disorder:i.e. insulin-dependent diabetes or Type I diabetes and non-insulin dependent or Type II diabetes. In the first case, we are faced with a disorder that affects individuals who are affected since a young age, and who show emission of copious amounts of urine,excessive thirst, weight loss and fatigue. The first manifestation of type I diabetes is called ketoacidosis, the clinical situation that occurs when, in the absence of insulin, the body begins to use massively fatty acids for energy and ends up by generating toxic products, the so called ketone bodies.

The type II diabetes, generally occurs after 40 years of age, especially in people with overweight problems. Non-insulin dependent diabetes develops slowly and is associated with resistance from the peripheral tissues to the action of the insulin hormone.

Nutrition for Diabetes The diet of a diabetic must be strictly with a low-glycemic index and should be based on an adequate intake of whole grains (either in grains and flakes, with the exclusion of rice, except basmati rice). The fibers are very good for diabetics, because they lower the fat in the blood and help to achieve a feeling of satiety: you can eat wheat, barley, oats, legumes and vegetables.

Avoid saturated fats such as butter, milk, eggs and fat meat, which clog the arteries. A good recommendation is to reduce the consumption of protein, salt, candy and to increase your intake of garlic, onions, leeks, scallions, lettuce, cruciferous vegetables, potatoes, avocados, seeds of Greek hay, lotus seeds, cinnamon, juniper berries, black pepper, alfalfa sprouts, ginger, coriander, lavender, lemon, marjoram sweet orange. Rosemary is useful to take control of blood glucose fluctuations.

Phytotherapy as a Natural Treatment for Diabetes

The herbal remedies are useful only for type II diabetes, since the type I diabetes requires insulin replacement therapy and herbal preparations may interfere with it. Together with a low sugar diet and regular physical activity, it is useful to use the Eucalyptus globosusMorus nigra (in the form of tincture, 20 drops, 3 times a day between meals), Vaccinium myrtillus (with the same doses of the previous remedy) and Juniperus communis (1 DH Gems, 40 drops 2 times a day, away from meals). Chamomile (Matricaria recutita L) is always appreciated for its soothing capabilities -Chamomile has anti-inflammatory, healing, antispasmodic, anti-allergic and antibacterial properties – It is mainly calming, but it can also be used to adjust the level of sugar in the blood.

Essential Oils

The essential oil of eucalyptus, which is extracted by steam distillation and has a yield estimated at around 1 liter of essence for 50 kg of leaves, is advisable. The essential oil of geranium is also excellent.


The diabetes is fought with homeopathy through a comprehensive approach that also prevents complications. Among the homeopathic remedies there are:

  • Carboneum sulfaturum CH 7 (5 grains 1 to 3 times a day), sulfur carbon which is suitable for the treatment of diabetic polyneuropathy characterized byneuralgia, cramps, paresthesia and hypoesthesia;
  • Phosphoricum acidum 9 CH (5 grains per day), it is a treatment that should be reduced in relation to the improvements;
  • Phosphorus 9 CH (5 grains, 3 times a week), white phosphorus is a valuablecomplement to conventional therapies of diabetes.

Traditional Chinese Medicine In traditional Chinese medicine, diabetes is identified with the term xiaoke, which indicates a state of decay and thirst, and can be traced both to endogenous causes, such as hereditary factors, and to exogenous causes, such as a wrong diet. In all cases, diabetes causes an alteration of the functionality of the Lungs, Stomach and Kidneys. Chinese Medicine has identified some acupuncture points whose stimulation is useful for toning the Yin and controlling symptoms such as hunger, thirst, polyuria, weight loss and digestive disorders:

  • FEI SHU (located at 1.5 cun lateral to GV 1 to the side of the third thoracic vertebra spine apophysis), regulates lungs and clears Heat;
  • PI SHU (located at 1.5 cun lateral to GV 6, to the side of the eleventh thoracicvertebra spine apophysis), regulates the blood and is the main point for allSpleen problems;
  • SHEN SHU (1.5 cun lateral to GV 4 to the side of the second lumbar vertebraspine apophysis), regulates and tones the Kidneys;
  • ZU SAN LI (posterior and inferior to the external malleolus, directly below UB 60, lateral to the calcaneum at the junction of the red and white skin) thatregulates and tones the stomach and spleen;
  • GE SHU (1.5 cun lateral to GV 9, to the side of the seventh thoracic vertebra Mspine apophysisa), useful for all Blood related conditions

Exercise for Diabetes The movement is the first enemy of diabetes. Remember that it is essential to walk 30 minutes a day, during lunch, or to buy an exercise bike to use at home for an hour after returning from work and for those who get a chance, go to the gym, pool or park to play exercises consistently throughout the week.

Exercise is the best remedy for a widespread tendency to a sedentary lifestyle, which is the main cause of diabetes type II. To obtain more benefits you should bring the physical activity to 60 consecutive minutes, carried out with an average intensity exercise. Aerobic exercise (eg walking, cycling, swimming) should be supplemented by strength exercise (weight training exercises), along with exercises for flexibility. Exercise will transform intentions into actions and is an is an indispensable tool to begin to feel better, by removing the traditional sense of fatigue felt by people with diabetes.

Conclusions If you suffer from Diabetes, do not rely only on medicines. Natural Treatment for Diabetes exists and can be very beneficial

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