What You Should Know About the Most Common Health Problems of Dogs


There’s no doubt that dogs are the most popular pets to have. They can range from the cute and cuddly to the tough and vicious breeds. No matter what breed or type of dog it is however, you can be sure that they will remain loyal to you.

Now, dogs can communicate with us. As we live with them longer, we learn to interpret their various behavior. If there is one thing that they cannot tell us directly however, that is when they are not feeling well and that means we have to know when to look for the signs when they are sick.

Dogs can get sick and if we want to enjoy their companionship for a long time, then we need to learn what their most common ailments are. To help you out we have made a list here:

Heartworms- Dogs are particularly prone to parasites, especially with the way that they romp around, but there is one particular parasite that can cause more than just a minor inconvenience. These are the so called heartworms which can infect the heart and sometimes the arteries of dogs. Symptoms include excessive coughing and lethargy.

Diarrhea– Dogs are very prone to diarrhea because of their tendency to put anything in their mouth. This is usually accompanied by vomiting and is pretty normal. The problem is that if it happens for a prolonged period then you should take the dog to a vet.

Obesity– It is not only humans who can suffer from obesity but dogs can too. Some breeds of dogs can gain excessive weight if their eating is not controlled so you should be on the lookout for this if your pet is of the breed that can get too heavy.

Kennel Cough– This is a highly infectious form of bronchitis in dogs and it can be acquired through exposure to infected animals. Normally the infection takes place in grooming shops and even animal clinics.

Skin Problems– Dogs are just as prone to skin problems as humans. Allergies and parasites are the most common causes of these health problems. You should pay attention to it immediately if your pet shows signs of excessive itching.

Arthritis- Dogs are just as prone to arthritis as humans and they could have an even worse time because of the fact they might not get medical attention until it is too late. If your dog shows signs of slowing down or of limping then most likely it has this condition.

Cancer- Dogs are also prone to suffer from cancer of all types. The problem is that it is normally not detected until it is too late, when there is nothing that could be done.

These are just some of the more common health issues from which your pet dogs could suffer. It would be a big deal for you to know all about this so you can start helping them the moment that you see signs that there is something wrong with their health. If you love your dogs then you would watch out for their health.

Source by Charles J.C. Campbell


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