Mentality Is the Fundamentality of Being


Take any individual’s segment of life at any given moment. It is a composition of mutually exclusive and collectively exhaustive constituents from his fingerprints to his emotions, to his bank account, to his looks and health etc., altogether signifying a unique being. All of those aspects which form that unique being are the consequences of numerous messages of decisions flowing through the person’s nervous system with the speed of light. What more, those countless decisions themselves are the vectors of an interacting and/or intervening turmoil of thoughts of which the person is mostly unaware.

It is our unawareness of a huge portion of our thoughts that baffles our conscious mind when we say it is our thoughts which govern our whole life. It is easier to convince someone when you say that wealth or knowledge or even love and hatred are the result of our mental functions but when you add health — in other words our biological functions — to that list you are likely to face contradiction claiming it to be an exaggeration.

Doubtlessly events beyond our own full or partial control also shape our lives. However the way they effect us, differ from person to person. The main reason for this is the formation of thoughts of each person which prepared that person’s capacity and manner of his conscious or biological set-up to handle those explicit intrusions to his life. “Two rocks suddenly began rolling onto two men. One stood paralyzed in fear. The other stepped aside in fear.

Health is the indisputable main factor designating the quality and the length of life. Even a handicapped individual can enhance the quality of his life to very high levels by adjusting his mentality to enable him to adapt himself to his circumstances. (Wouldn’t you accept Stephan Hawking as an example?)

Our pulse beats every second, the enzymes are secreted just when needed and are lead to the very spot where needed etc. There are about 15 trillion cells in our body, each performing a certain duty. What more, there are over 100 trillions of what we call friendly bacteria spread from our guts to our skin which seem to carry the same genes as the rest of our body and serving our body. How come all these entities work in an awesome accord? How come they always do what they are told and who tells them what to do? Can all this immense cohort be just spontaneous?

We can generally categorize the means to retain or recover health as the modern medical practice, accepted complementary medicine and self-help means to retain or recover well-being from diet, exercise, caloric restriction, anti oxidants, hormonal supplements to herbs, homeopathy, the Grander revitalized water technology etc. The formation of mental functions is the fundamental implicit factor determining our lives, including our health, while the rest of the health measures are explicit. It is doubtful that any explicit measure will prove sufficient efficacy if not based on a sound implicit foundation.

Many people still tend to consider the power of thought as an ancient Far Eastern nonsense but then they can neither explain how giraffe changed its genes to eat the higher leaves nor the placebo effect which cures patients with sham medication. On the other hand, science now is approaching to disclose the relation between the mind and the biological entity, step by step. The proceedings on “telomere and telomerase” experiments is a good example.

Telomeres are like stopples at the end of chromosomes. Each time the cell replicates to regenerate, they get shorter and make it difficult to continue the replication until the cell stops regeneration and dies. This is the picture of aging. Telomerase is the enzyme which keeps the telomeres long enough.

The research on telomerase is also aiming to find whether it is possible to provide a healthy longevity. Elizabeth Blackburn — one of the three scientists who won the 2009 Nobel Prize for their work on telomeres and telomerase — and her colleagues are now discovering the relationship between the length of the telomeres and mental functionality. The findings indicate that meditation and lack of stress i.e., a good mental state, is an effective tool to preserve a level of telomerase to help maintain the length of the telomeres.

Scientific research activity seems to develop more and more into an interdisciplinary area which may achieve more concrete proof especially on the holistic nature of human health.

Source by Ahmet Ozman


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