3 Offbeat Ways to Lose Weight


This article is about the unexpected ways that I’ve drastically lost weight. It’s a little strange that I’m writing this since I’ve spent most of my life trying to gain weight. But there are more people trying to lose weight than gain it. Hopefully, this will help those trying to slim down.

Cut out _______

sugar. Sugar seems to be bad for you in so many ways: your teeth, your health, your skin. So I decided to cut sugar out of my life for a short while. It was not that hard, which was surprising since I have a bit of a sweet tooth. I lost some weight, which I didn’t intend to do but should have anticipated. After all, I was cutting out a type of caloric-rich food. So if you are trying to lose weight and are in the habit of eating lots of sweets, try giving up sugar.

Or try cutting out whatever type of food is your Achilles’ heel. My sister, who goes on the occasional diet, once joked that she could become a vegetarian if she did not love steak so much. She also loves pudding, alfredo sauce, and other rich, fatty foods. Maybe you like to put sour cream on everything. Or maybe you like to make all your desserts a la mode. Try giving up the food item that you think you can’t live without.

Walk to _______

work. I lost a lot of weight when I walked to work. In the mornings, the bus only came by my apartment in one-hour intervals, which meant arriving at work ridiculously early. I chose to walk. Since I’m also a huge procrastinator, getting out of bed at the last possible minute, that often meant half an hour of power-walking.

I’ve seen similar tips about losing weight in little ways, like taking the stairs instead of the elevator or parking in the space that is farthest from the office in order to force oneself to walk across the parking lot to get to work. These are little steps you could take that eventually add up and make a big difference. Or you could take a weekend errand that you usually accomplish by car and choose to walk there.

Stick to _______

your budget, or grocery list, or meal plan, or diet. Want to know a really great way to lose weight? Lose your job. Nothing forces you to stick to your meal plan like limited funds. Not only will you lose weight, your savings and self-esteem will go down with it. I call it the recession diet.

Or you can take the less drastic approach and place restrictions on yourself. Stick to your grocery list and don’t buy any extra snacks. If you use cash, only bring enough to pay for the groceries you were planning to buy. Make a plan and stick to it. That goes for any diet or budget you want to make successful.

Source by Jennifer K Chow


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