New Pumpkin Variety from Varanasi Has More Health Benefits


According to the principal scientist of the institute, Dr. Sudhakar Pandey, ‘Chhappan’ pumpkin is not only an important vegetable crop but also has medicinal properties. This small pumpkin is full of medicinal properties, giving economic strength to farmers. It has the ability to reduce hydrolysis risk, blood pressure, and obesity.

The plants yield the first crop in 50 to 55 days, and then the yield continues for almost 70 days.

“Among them, mainly vitamin A (211 mg), vitamin C (20.9 mg), and potassium (319 mg) and phosphorus (52 mg) are found. It is found in fruits per 100 grams. Not only this, but this vegetable is also rich in nutrients. Moreover, this species developed at the IIVR can be planted in pots as well as fields,” said the scientist.

Explaining further, he said that the land should be plowed properly, and the crop should be sown in mid-September. The crop requires mild irrigation at intervals of one fortnight or so. Drip irrigation is more suitable for the crop.

Each plant yields 8 to 10 pumpkins, and the total yield is around 325-350 quintals per hectare.

Source: IANS

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