Eat, Drink and Be Merry Fat Loss Tips


With the various holidays and activities that we face during the winter months, it can make it even more difficult to stay on whatever healthy eating program you have in place. With some innovative thinking there are a few ways of getting around the “oh forget about the diet, its Christmas”, or “a pound or two isn’t going to matter”, or even the “oh make it a new years resolution”. These unfortunately are the many words of encouragement that our friends and family extend to us during the festive seasons. They mean well, they just don’t realize how difficult it is for you as it is, without compounding the problem for you. So here are a few tips to help you through:

1. If you go out to work, then no doubt you are going to be encouraged to attend festive luncheons and office parties. So plan ahead. Go through your healthy food list, and highlight the ones that you most likely can get at a restaurant for example. If your diet includes salad and perhaps chicken for a meal. Then go for a chicken Caesar salad with the dressing on the side. This way you get to control how much dressing is going on. Make a whole list of options, so you won’t be pressured or face confusion when you are at the restaurant.

2. If you are invited to bring food for a luncheon at work, then make a surprise to take with you. Bring two or three or your favorite healthy recipes. Make some low fat low calorie foods and spruce them up to look festive. Use red radishes and green parsley to put a festive touch to a main course item. Take two or three varieties with you. Just make sure you get into the food line early enough to get to your own food. You can still enjoy some of the other foods knowing that most of your choices are healthy.

Source by Wendy D Hearn


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