What is Micropouch Gastric Exclusion and How Does It Work?


If you are reading this, most likely you have been severely overweight for many years. You have probably experienced the stress and frustration of numerous, unsuccessful dieting and weight loss programs. You may feel life is passing you by because you are unable to take part in activities with your family and friends.

You are not a failure, the treatment program is! Most methods of weight control have proven to be ineffective in providing the severely obese patient long-term weight loss. Millions of Americans are overweight. When you are severely overweight your health suffers and you may experience chronic respiratory, heart and arthritic problems. Both your physical and emotional health are at risk. Now is the time to take more aggressive steps to regain a quality lifestyle, free of the limitations caused by obesity.

Considering a surgical procedure for weight loss represents a major turning point. Therefore, your decision should be based on the best information available and a through understanding of the surgery, benefits, and risks involved.

Micropouch Gastric Exclusion is the best surgical procedure known to effectively control morbid obesity. In this procedure the stomach is divided and a very small, “micro pouch” created to receive food. Creation of the small pouch reduces the volume of food that can be consumed. The pouch is permanent, but reversible; nothing is removed or cut away.

The small intestine is attached to the new pouch allowing food to pass through the digestive system while decreasing the caloric intake. Because your stomach capacity is greatly reduced, you feel satisfied sooner and have a sense of your stomach being full longer. The newly created stomach cannot tolerate refined sugar. This helps to increase the amount of weight a patient can lose and maintain the desired weight after surgery. Micropouch Gastric Exclusion also alters the stomach’s ability to grind food. As a result all food must be chewed thoroughly and slowly to aid in the digestive process. Many patients find they enjoy three to six small meals daily.

Micropouch Gastric Exclusion surgery does not eliminate your desire or liking for food. It simply makes it difficult for you to overeat and consume foods containing sugar. Since foods with high sugar content are high in calories and are typically fat producing, this component also helps the weight loss process. While the surgery is very effective in helping a patient to achieve significant weight loss, it is just one aspect of the program. Sound nutrition practices and an exercise program are instrumental in achieving and maintaining the weight loss.

Source by Paul Marveyl


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