Choosing the Right Adult Fat Camp Could Be the Biggest Decision of Your Life


If you are out of shape and want to do something about it, you’ve probably heard about adult fat camps – often called “fitness resorts.” Doing even a routine Google search for weight loss will turn up a dozen types of fat camps, for one simple reason – they are one of the only truly effective ways to lose weight, get in shape and develop healthier habits.

Face it – fad diets don’t work. You just end up putting the weight back on. You can try to join a gym, but most people end up going for a few weeks and then lose their motivation. And nearly every diet pill offered on the Internet is simply a scam.

The reason that most fitness and weight loss systems don’t work is that they are quick fixes that simply allow you to lose weight for a short period of time. They address the symptom, but not the underlying problem.

You are not overweight or out of shape simply because you ate too much over the holidays. People who are not fit are that way because they’ve developed bad habits. You can’t break a bad habit overnight. You need motivation and ways to develop good habits into the future.

That’s what adult fat camps do. They provide you with a structured environment surrounded by people who want to show you how to live a healthier lifestyle for the long term. Yes, you’ll lose weight while you are at the adult fat camp; but more importantly, they’ll teach you how to keep the weight off and stay in shape for years to come.

Choosing the right adult fat camp is a very important decision. If you choose the right one, you’ll become healthier and you could add years to your life, lower your chances of heart disease and diabetes, improve your self esteem, make yourself more attractive to potential mates, and be able to experience the best life has to offer.

But if you choose the wrong one, you could be making a very expensive mistake. Adult fat camps generally costs several thousand dollars. Many cost $10,000 or more. Now, that’s worth it if it adds years to your life and improves your well being. On the other hand, not all adult fat camps are created equal.

Should you choose the wrong one you might not get in shape, you won’t learn new good habits and you won’t see long term results. You’ll still be just as unhealthy; you’ll simply have spent money on a short-term placebo cure.

Worse still – if you are very unlucky, you could end up in legal trouble for choosing the wrong fat camp. For example, in Florida, dodgy fat camps were advertising that they could charge the cost of the camp to Medicare.

What they were doing was claiming that they were offering mental health services. When Medicare found out what was going on, both the camps and the people who had paid for them with Medicare were liable for Medicare fraud charges.

So, yes, choosing the right adult fat camp can be one of the most important choices you make in your life. The right one will make you happier and healthier. The wrong one will just leave you poorer and have wasted your valuable time.

But, what do you need to look for in a reputable adult fat camp? We’ve put together a brief guide to help you make as educated a choice as possible.

Research the adult fat camp with the Better Business Bureau. Check out the BBB’s rating of them, and make sure there haven’t been a lot of complaints filed against them.

Find out how long the adult fat camp has been in business. An adult fat camp that has been up and running for years is much more likely to be reputable than one that just sprang up three months ago.

Make sure their offer doesn’t seem “too good to be true.” If they start talking about your losing 60 pounds in two or three weeks, they should not be trusted. You can’t shed weight that quickly and remain healthy.

Find out if they have a focus on nutrition and lifestyle changes as well as exercise. You don’t want to go to an adult fat camp that is just a glorified gym. If you don’t address your eating habits and overall lifestyle, they won’t deliver long-lasting results.

Check out their address, and make sure they aren’t simply a private hospital pretending to be a fat camp. This is what some shady operators have tried to do recently.

Ask about their staff and the amount of training and experience they have. Some places will hire nearly anyone to act as personal trainers. That’s not good. You need someone who is not only in shape themselves, but has experience helping other people get in shape.

Google information about the adult fat camp. Find sites where people have blogged about their experiences there, and see what they have to say.

Investigate the accommodations. High-quality adult fat camps provide private accommodations and will let you have as much privacy as possible while you work hard at creating better habits.

Ask if they’ve had a nutritionist involved in creating their meals. You don’t want a place that is simply going to give you a few pieces of lettuce for dinner. You want an adult fat camp where they have put the time and effort into providing healthy yet tasty meals that you actually want to eat, and that will work with your weight loss program.

Stay far away from any adult fat camp that has attached itself to a trendy diet plan. Trendy diets don’t work in the long term, and any adult fat camp that embraces them does not have a professional attitude toward your well being.

Inquire about whether or not they will evaluate you and design a unique program for your needs. Everyone has a different fitness challenge – you don’t want a place that just uses the same routines for everyone.

Look to see if they have a concierge. You may need help while you are there, and you want to make sure your needs at taken care of.

The good news is that once you start using this list to narrow down your options, you’ll find that there are quite a number of good adult fat camps out there – and it will be easy for you to avoid the bad apples.

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Source by Eric Viskovicz


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