High Blood Pressure Control – What Can You Do To Gain Control Over Hypertension?


So, what does someone need to do in order to gain the high blood pressure control they seek? In this article we will take a look at the various steps a person should take in order to get the right balance in their lives so they are able to lower their blood pressure and keep it low.

The first thing a person should do, and probably the simplest is to regularly have blood pressure readings taken to ensure that they are showing a improvement over time with their efforts. These checks can be carried out by either visiting their doctor or health professional, or they can do it at home with a home monitoring kit.

These particular kits do exactly the same job as the blood pressure monitor you see at your doctors, but it means that measurements can be taken on a more regular basis and at the same time of the day to avoid natural daily fluctuations that can skew the readings . Although it is worth taking your machine into the doctors to ensure that the two readings are similar to give you a baseline to work from.

If a person is overweight and has been diagnosed with high blood pressure (hypertension) they should start to follow a diet and exercise plan that sheds the excess pounds. One of the major causes of hypertension is due to people being overweight or obese. This places additional stress on the heart as it needs to work harder in order to get the blood around the body to all those essential organs and areas of the body that need the nutrients, minerals, vitamins and oxygen that it is carrying.

Generally after you have been diagnosed with having hypertension your doctor may provide you with a diet that can help reduce blood pressure levels, which is low in salt / sodium, low in fat and processed foods and high in fruit and vegetables.

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Regular physical activity is also advised, as it will help reduce the weight, suppress appetite and lower blood pressure. Even a few minutes per day can make a difference to blood pressure levels. It is important to carry out activities that elevate the heart rate, as cardiovascular exercises have the most beneficial impact. Although, if it has been a while since a person has exercised, or they are overweight, then they should get a physical examination before starting an exercise regime.

Recommended exercises include brisk walks, swimming and bike riding. Start out slowly and then gradually build up when your body feels comfortable.

A doctor may prescribe hypertension medication for the condition. These are generally used to quickly bring high blood pressure to within more normal levels, however, without lifestyle changes the levels may soon rise again.

Ensure that any medication prescribed is taken as instructed. The biggest cause of malignant hypertension (a very severe form of hypertension) is caused by misuse, or not following prescriptions correctly.

For many people, making lifestyle changes and removing the habits that increase the risk of elevated blood pressure levels, and choosing "healthier" habits, and dietary choices they will soon start to achieve the high blood pressure control they seek.

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