Why Vegan Chocolate Is Healthier


It is quite normal for vegans to be very particular about what foods they eat. It is even more typical for them to be speculative about what comprises their diet and whether they are any healthier than the non vegan diets. Since recently, there are many vegan chocolate brands in the market claiming to be diary-free, casein-free and whey free chocolate bars for all vegetarians. The puzzling questions we can ask however are; is chocolate vegan? Does it taste the same as a normal chocolate? And, is it healthier?

Well, in reality, chocolate is indeed vegan since it comes from a plant – the pod of a cocoa tree, so of course the raw form is a vegetarian chocolate. But, before it hits the grocery store; it undergoes a lot of processes that involves the addition of additives such as sugar, milk fats, milk and flavorings among other things. This makes the normal sugary chocolate. A vegan bar, however; usually contains coconut oil, cocoa powder and honey.

So is a vegan chocolate healthier?

Yes. Considering the fact that the vegetarian chocolates are not made with dairy products such as milk and animal fats, neither do they contain processed sugars – they poses a lot of healthy qualities aside from just having a really sweet taste to calm your sugar cravings. A healthy vegetarian chocolate bar will supplement your diet with rich essential fats that are critical to regulating your blood pressure, strengthening your immune system and facilitating proper liver functioning. In addition, the higher proteins- another ingredient of these chocolates are especially beneficial to nutritionists and bodybuilders as it helps them in building lean muscles, skeletal muscles and other tissues in the body. For dietitians looking to lose weight, the low carb properties of vegetarian chocolate are a great boost to your weight loss efforts. The low carbohydrate property is equally important to those people dealing with diabetes.

In conclusion, vegetarian chocolates are a revolution product that all vegetarians should be excited about. They are very rich in dietary essentials; contain no animal ingredients and perhaps more importantly, they taste great! You can find these chocolate bars anywhere, including your local favorite grocery store. There are different brands in the market so you have plenty of options to choose from. However, you must make sure that you check every single chocolate bar you pick as they might not always be labeled as vegan chocolates.

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Source by Chima Nwa


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