Diabetics: Drowned in Sugar

There are an unlimited amount of theories regarding what causes diabetes. Scientists and medical researchers, who don’t really know the cause, always end up blaming the genes and the “hereditary factor”. Nutritionists blame sugar. Naturalists blame chemicals and preservatives. The reality is that the majority really does not know what causes this condition and the majority doesn’t know how to control it without medication, which is very useful for the pharmaceutical companies who benefit from the sale of such medications. Diabetics represent the percentage of the population with the most illnesses (high blood pressure, high triglycerides, high cholesterol, depression, male impotence, etc., etc.).

If we look at the fact that more than 90% of diabetics are overweight and at the proven fact that by losing weight, blood glucose levels can be regulated and diabetes controlled, then we can conclude that diabetes has a lot to do with nutrition and with the metabolism of the human body.

In the last 12 years I have had the opportunity of helping more than 25, 000 lose weight. At least 7,500 of them were diabetic. I observed that with weight loss they experienced “miracles” such as: many diabetics did not have to inject insulin anymore, they were able to reduce or eliminate their diabetic medication (under the supervision of their medical doctor), men who suffered from impotence were able to recover their sexual potency, diabetics who had sores or wounds not healed, and that now were able to heal. In other words, pure miracles!

In ancient times in countries such as India, diabetes was detected by asking a person to urinate on the ground and then observing the reaction of ants to see if they were attracted to any possible sugar if the person was diabetic. By definition, diabetes is a problem of the body in which blood sugar called “glucose” accumulates in excess and it is precisely this same sugar that destroys the body of a diabetic. All sugars ferment when in humid and warm environments (such as the human body). A diabetic person has within his body the equivalent of a still, which produces acids and alcohols (moonshine), because of the excess sugar that floats in the blood. These acids and alcohol produced in the body due to the excess blood sugar slowly destroy his body. Because acids destroy oxygen, body cells drown in sugar and acids, a death caused by a lack of oxygen. Finally, the sugar kills the diabetic.

My experience with thousands of diabetics has been that diabetes is simply an inability of the body to process refined carbohydrates. In other words, a diabetic body has serious problems when it is fed with bread, flour, candies, chocolate, rice, potatoes, sugary fruits, etc. If a diabetics makes the mistake of eating tropical fruits which are too sweet like raisins, mango and banana he will also have problems. At first I have seen in thousands of cases that if diabetics concentrate on eating natural carbohydrates such as vegetables or salad combined with meats (chicken, turkey, fish) and a lot of water (not sodas, not even diet soda) they will see a significant improvement in their diabetes. In fact we have documented hundreds of cases in which diabetics who apply the 3 x 1 Diet™ which we recommend and were able, with their doctor’s help, to totally eliminate the need to inject insulin. Others had to reduce or eliminate their medication for diabetes when this diet was applied.

The book The Power of Your Metabolism explains the 3 x 1 Diet™ and the life style changes that have resulted in great help for diabetics and for those persons who want to lose weight. If you combine a diet that is easy to maintain because you can eat “all types of food”, such as the 3 x 1 Diet™, with sufficient amounts of water intake, the results are almost immediate. The person will lose weight and control their diabetes.

Source by Frank Suarez

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