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Obesity is a serious cause for rising concern and consciousness among men and women across all ages as it makes you vulnerable to many other diseases like Sleep apnea, certain types of Cancer, Osteoarthritis, Diabetes mellitus type 2, Cardiovascular diseases etc.        

Feeding on a diet that mainly incorporates carbohydrate rich foods is a great cause for obesity. Too much consumption of high-carb foods heap you with calories and stuff your body with fat. It is a widely seen fact that the foods that people consume in day-to day life are full of carbohydrates and therefore, highly calorific. A leap from 14.5 to 30.9 in the percentage of obese people because of carbohydrate rich diet in the United States suffices to stress this undeniable cause of obesity.  
Overeating is an unhealthy habit that poses threat to the fitness of your body. Its contribution to making you an obese is immense. The more you eat, the more calories your body stores. With an increase in the content of calories, the content of body fat and flab runs high.

A survey on a number of obese men and women and their increasing intake of calories in the United States bears evidence to this fact. It shows an increase from 1542 to 1877 in women’s consumption of calories and from 2450 to 2618 in men’s consumption of calories due to overeating in the period from 1971 to 2000. 

Undisciplined lifestyle and reduced activity are no less responsible than other factors for the development of obesity. The content of calories burns down when the body is at work. Mechanized and desk based system of work in different fields of arena has slowed down the pace of activity because of which the calorie content increases rather than decreasing. The rate of metabolism runs higher when the bodyis at rest. Insufficient rest or sleep due to having late nights reduces the rate of metabolism and the body piles on weight.       
How do I get rid of obesity?
There are various drugs to address obesity. Some prescription drugs claim to keep you away from obesity but side effects come to the surface with the passing of time. However, Trimaid an herbal means to keep you slim has benefited millions of people across the globe. Trimaid is a 100% escape from heavy-sweating exercise and restricted diet to shake off excess weight. It is free from harmful and helps the body to use up wanted calories and fat deposits by means of thermogenesis.

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