Weight Loss – A Hot Subject

Everywhere everyone is concerned about their health and figure. Read a magazine, it is full of interesting views on weight loss, open the internet it is flooded with questions on weight loss, speak to your friend and you hear the same story, ‘I am gaining too much weight, my tummy is swelling, I need to take exercise, can you suggest something for my weight loss’ blah blah blah!

What is all this weight loss about, why are people struggling to lose weight? The fact is obesity. This is the culprit for all those who have gained weight and are struggling to shed those extra kilos. However, though obesity is the culprit it can be prevented only by each individual. At the same time obesity that occurs during childhood is quite difficult to prevent since it is already registered in the body and has remained there for quite some years. But even this is possible with hard work.

Hence if you have noticed that you are becoming obese only recently, then you should take much precaution and as a first step avoid fast foods or junk foods of any kind. An average woman can have fat content ranging from 25%-30% but a man should have just 18%-23% of fat – that is sufficient to live a healthy life. If this limit is exceeded then you are considered obese.

Obesity can lead to type 2 diabetes which is a slow killer. It is very easy to fight obesity and achieve weight loss by eating many meals! Weird what is happening here, we are talking about over eating and this article says to eat many meals! Yes, you should eat at least five times a day but the food intake should be very little each time. Each meal should be nutritious and fibrous like fruits and vegetables, fish and brown bread etc.

When you eat a little at a time the body’s metabolism acts perfectly well, allowing the food to get digested easily and leaving the stomach free of excess fat content. This type of eating controls the body’s insulin level leaving you feeling comfortable. On the other hand if you eat two or three large meals it does not allow a proper digestion process thus allowing the fat to stay in the body and not get burned out.

Aerobic exercises like walking, cycling, jogging, etc. are very effective in weight loss. They reduce the blood pressure that in turn decrease chances of heart attack, stroke etc. It also improves the body’s mental health and increases energy levels thus reducing stress and fatigue. It is easy to fight obesity and achieve weight loss with exercise, self control and a good nutritious diet.

Source by Sooraj Surendran

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