4 Reasons Why Exercise Will Not Help You Lose Weight If You Are Obese

Losing weight when you are obese can be a daunting task. Everybody tells you that you need to eat less and exercise more. Seems logical enough because the reason you are obese is because you eat too much and do not exercise enough, everybody knows that. My question to you is, how has it been working for you? All these beliefs about exercise and eating less have led to the worst epidemic this world has ever seen. Reflect on this for awhile. Does it make sense or is it time to change the way we think. Are you just part of the problem or do you want to be part of the solution? Lets look at some of the reasons exercise cannot help you lose weight if you are obese:

  • 1. When you exercise, your body is burning calories it does not need in order to sustain life. If you are too big, your body is trying to store as much energy as it can. For every calorie burnt your mind wants to replace it in order to protect you. The more you exercise the more your body needs to eat.
  • 2. Your body needs all it’s energy to protect all that fat around your vital organs. Where will it find the energy to help you burn calories? Every time you undertake an action plan to start exercising your body will shut you down. You become more and more tired and just want to sleep. You just can’t find the energy to supply the effort to exercise. This does not at all take away from your desire to exercise, it just happens in your mind.
  • 3. Your body is designed to assume just so much abuse. All the fitness trainers will tell you you have to push yourself and be motivated. I do not disagree with these statements, if you are not very much overweight. Exercise, if you are really big, may put not only your joints and all your moving parts in danger, but also your vital organs that are having a hard time just to get the air and the blood they need to keep to alive. Once again your mind will protect you be telling you to stop. It will really protect you. Protecting you from harm in every way it can, that is the message you are sending to your body. Exercise will only hurt you, not help you.
  • 4. Exercise is for winners. You need to earn the privilege to give your body the help it needs to get fit. Being really fat is not part of the help your body is looking for by exercising. It’s time to rethink all this exercise thing. Food for thought

Source by Pierre William Trudel

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