Effects of Childhood Obesity on Education

Every individual has the right to be educated, whatever condition one has; the problem can be emotionally, physically or, mentally. Obesity in childhood is a very disturbing national epidemic for the past years, and considerably is still growing for the coming years. Obesity is defined as an excessively high amount of body fat.

With education, children and adults are knowledgeable about their health, their physical and mental abilities. These factors play an important role in diverting children away from obesity. It does not mean that educated children are healthy and unhealthy children are uneducated. It simply implies that the better educated we are, the healthier we can be and less likely we are to become obese. High quality education and college degree education is very significant to be aware in childhood obesity education.

Childhood obesity can be addressed in multiple ways. Government action is very essential which promotes equal opportunities for both the children and the family regardless of the demographics. Government should provide a fair treatment to their people regardless of their status and condition in the society, it is their duty, and they are the main agent in giving solutions to the problems of its people more particularly the young ones. Childhood obesity education begins with the parents, the behaviors of the parents affects the behaviors of its children. Education starts from the way their parents discipline their children. Good knowledge of parents regarding the proper nutrition’s that they should offer to their children to avoid childhood obesity. The government should also provide physical activities for the obese children as well as information dissemination regarding obesity. It should include how to avoid obesity, what are the causes and its harmful effects. So as to the parents must be well informed, since they are the ones in direct contact with the child, and has direct authority and capacity to do so.

As poor education is pointed to be a caused of poor health, the American government should address this problem. The educational system should be improved; healthcare should be very accessible to every American regardless of the demographics. Poverty which is prevalent in a first world country like the United States of America should be of utmost concern of the government. Poverty poses a lot of disadvantages to the members of this bracket especially the children with very little knowledge about nutrition.

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