How to Treat Kidney Diseases for Diabetic People

Diabetic people often suffer from kidney diseases too. This is one of the risks of having the diabetes disease.

However, the ultimate step to treating kidney diseases is still prevention. You also should not worry if prevention is out of your reach. You could still do much more to slow things down.

Regulate your blood glucose

This is an essential step. You should always keep the blood glucose as close as possible to the normal level. The level of blood glucose is measured in milligrams per deciliters. For more information about the exact figures, you should consult your doctor. Keeping your blood pressure also keeps you from having diabetic neuropathy, which is a nerve-related problem. Nerve problems can also result from diabetes.

Keep your blood pressure below the 95th percentile for age and height

If you have microalbuminuria (a condition when the kidney leaks a small amount of albumin into your urine), you should use a drug that is described as ‘anglotensin converting enzyme inhibitors’. A drug like this can easily reverse the microalbuminuria and also lower your blood pressure at the same time.

You should control your blood fats

How is this done? Your blood fats can be lowered if you lower your ‘LDL’ or bad cholesterol and triglycerides and increasing the ‘HDL’ or good cholesterol. Controlling cholesterol level is sometimes tricky because it is affected by mostly diet and not exercise. Therefore, consuming a drug called ‘statin’ helps.

Diabetic people also have other urinary problems

Usually, they have urinary tract infections. This type of infection can damage the kidneys. How to solve this problem? You should always drink lots of fluids. You must also make the urine more acidic by consuming cranberry juice.

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