What Are the Omega3 Fish Oil Benefits?

Fish oil has become one of the most touted supplements over the last few years and it is for a very good reason. Omega3 fish oil benefits are numerous and quite dramatic. We are not talking about something that can help you with a cold, but more along the lines of preventing and fighting things like cancer, heart disease and cholesterol problems. Omega3 fish oil benefits should be at the top of everyone’s list to learn about.

One of the most prominent and most talked about Omega3 fish oil benefits is its ability to lower cholesterol. With Americans fighting a battle against obesity, this is a very serious issue. Obesity and high cholesterol seem to go hand in hand and this gives a natural alternative to allow people to get on a healthy track as they get their exercise program working for them. The alternative is to go on a drug maintenance program with something like Lipitor that can lead to its own health problems.

Another one of the Omega3 fish oil benefits is that it helps to promote better mental health. Things like stress, anxiety and depression are running rampant on not only our older citizens, but the younger generations as well. The world is a much different place than it was 50 years ago and today’s youth are faced with a lot more challenges than people 50 years ago were. You need the Omega3 fatty acids to fight off the Omega6 fatty acids that naturally cause things like anxiety and depression. Without them, you are fighting a losing battle.

Perhaps the most prominent of the Omega3 fish oil benefits is its ability to fight cancer. There have been tests that show that it helps with various forms of cancer, most notably breast and colon cancer. It has helped in both the prevention and treatment alike and that alone is reason enough to work it into your diet.

Source by Dena Byfield

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