What Are the Health Benefits of Resveratrol? (Far Fetched, I Know – But True!)

Is resveratrol really healthy? And if so, how? What do we REALLY know about the health benefits of resveratrol, and how can I get started on the path to getting there today? In this article we’re going to take a quick and insightful look at the health benefits put forth by resveratrol research, and see if the fountain of youth is really found in the skins of grapes after all! Curious to know more? Great… continue reading as we take a closer look below!

Okay…but what health benefits of resveratrol have been proven thus far?

In animal tests? Lots! Mice, monkeys, fish and flies and a whole bunch of other species simply live longer, stronger, healthier and seemingly “happier” as well! (at least in the tests of monkeys for sure!) The truth is, most of the real resveratrol research done thus far has been on animals, so it’s really the only gage we have to measure benefits – but those include longer life, less obesity, more energy, less disease and more.

What about in humans?

Well, there is the thought that resveratrol may help to cure, reverse or prevent obesity. (the French Paradox studies started this) It’s not been proven, and some scientists remain skeptical… ( including my dad who is a doctor!) but many others believe that resveratrol WILL be the biggest breakthrough in treating obesity, death and disease related to overeating ever discovered.

Other benefits? Some studies strongly show that resveratrol may help fight or destroy cancer cells. Positive ( and peer reviewed) research has been cited in breast cancer, prostate cancer and other insidious forms of disease that look very promising as well. ( but yet still not agreed upon by consensus)

The bottom line?

Like everything else, there are many serious scientists who believe that resveratrol IS already on the cusp of being the fountain of youth, and others who simply aren’t so sure. Time will tell… but ONLY personal experience will give you what you need to know to enjoy the benefits for yourself. (before everyone else discovers it as well!)

Source by Tina Bardo

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