You Are in Charge of Your Health

Yes, it is true: you are in control of your health. Let us first clear up a prevalent myth that if you have a history of health problems in your immediate family, you are doomed and there is nothing you can do about it. A Fact: 80% of your health is under your control and only 20% of it is affected by family history. If you feel you are not as healthy as you want to be or you have already been warned by your doctor that you need to change your life style, the time to start is right now. The key word is choice of lifestyle.

So this lifestyle should include the following: Good Nutrition, Weight Management, Fitness, Stress Management and taking the Right Supplements.

Good Nutrition: If you are a junk food addict, you need to at least cut down if not eliminate these foods from your diet. Including such things as sodas and candy. They are bad for you and contribute to a whole host of diseases.

Weight Management: It is important to keep your weight at a healthy level. Obesity is one of the primary causes of heart attacks, etc. Find out what a good weight is and aim for that. You do not have to be model skinny!

Fitness: Some people love to work out so this step is easy but many of us hate it. You do not have to be a marathon runner to be fit. Walking, swimming, biking, any of these activities is good. Try to do 30-60 minutes a day and it does not have to be all at once, but it should be most days of the week. Do some form of exercise that you like!

Stress Management: If you are like most of us, your life is probably on overload. Try to take at least 10 minutes a day to sit and do nothing except breathe deeply. Try to eliminate some of the stress. Are you volunteering for too many things? Say no! Are you over anxious about your work or your home? Relax and cut down on the worry. Talk to your spouse or friends about your concerns and learn that everyone else has problems (maybe worse than you!) but it is good to talk about them and listen to others.

Right Supplements: We can’t possibly eat all the things we are suppose to. So choose supplements that are reliable and directly benefit YOU, not your best friend. Consult your doctor and find a company that has longevity and proven results. Do your homework. You may pay a bit more than Supermarket vitamins but your life is worth it.

As always, consult your doctor if you have any present health concerns.

Source by Daniella Prym

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