High Blood Pressure Food – What to Avoid?

Regardless of whether you have been prescribed medication or not, dietary changes are essential as part of the overall plan for treating high blood pressure. Usually, the vast majority of high blood pressure food is very similar to what the doctors will recommend you for healthy living in general. There are certain foods that you should avoid in order to lower the blood pressure level and a few of these are:


Alcohol has a tendency to directly raise blood pressure. If you consume alcohol, you should try to keep it to two drinks a day if you are a male or one drink a day if you are a female. If your level rises considerably with the consumption of alcohol, it is better not to consume any alcohol at all. Studies suggest that the consumption of alcohol is unhealthy for hypertension patients.


While salt is extremely vital for body’s metabolism, consuming large amounts of salt can raise pressure levels in some people. What it implies is that is that a sodium-free diet is a more preferred high blood pressure food. Regardless of whether you have a high pressure or not, eating food with a high salt content can also contribute to heart diseases. The best way to lower the amount of sodium you consume is to reduce the quantity of salt used in food preparation.


Saturated fats, trans-fats in particular, can have negative effects on the blood vessels and the heart. Since the circulatory system in hypertension patients is already subject to high levels of stress, any additional stress can be really devastating. The right high blood pressure food must include low levels of saturated fats (fast food, red meat) and moderate levels of other fats (canola oil, olives)  

It is not only unhealthy eating habits that contribute to higher pressure levels. The ailment can also be caused by aging, stress, lack of exercise, smoking, obesity or may be a consequence of genetics. Thus, apart from consuming the right foods, you should also make changes to your lifestyle for lowering your pressure level. Following a healthy lifestyle and consuming a healthy diet together can help you prevent or delay the rise in your pressure levels.

Source by Chris R Palmer

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