Positive Methods For the Prevention of Childhood Obesity

So many children are dealing with obesity related issues today and the same children are at severely high risk for developing serious and potentially fatal health related problems because of obesity. There are things that adults can do to help minimize childhood obesity related issues which are simple and effective. Let’s take a look at some positive methods for the prevention of childhood obesity below.

Prevention tip #1: Adults should monitor what children eat as much as it is possible to do so.

When a child is very young adults often monitor what a child eats. Yet, when the child gets older the adult sometimes puts restraints on what the child eats. Children are apt to make unhealthy eating choices if allowed to do so since they will often display a preference for fatty or sugary foods. It is up to the adult to monitor a child’s diet and to place appropriate restrictions on what a child consumes.

Prevention tip #2: Families should become nutritionally educated together, and adults should educate their children about nutrition.

Today’s families need to learn all they can about nutrition, so that they can make better food choices and selections. Adults need to teach children about nutrition, calories, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals and children need to be taught how to make sensible food selections early on. The more nutritionally educated a family is the more empowered the family is to make good food choices.

Prevention tip #3: Parents need to junk the junk food.

Instead of bringing potato chips, fatty and/or sugary snacks, sugary cereals, and soda pop into the household, parents should opt for more positive food selections. Families should shop together, and children and parents can work together on creating a healthy food shopping list. Parents should encourage children to eat more fruits and veggies and to drink fresh water.

Prevention tip #4: Families should become physically active together in order to prevent childhood obesity.

Families should use quality time to do something physically active. Taking a walk together, playing Frisbee, playing kickball or soccer, playing tennis, or hiking and/or cycling together are just some fun ways to stay physically fit. Parents should teach children that physical exercise can actually be fun.

Prevention tip #5: Families should cook together and make meal time a family affair.

With today’s busy society, many families do not even take the time to eat together anymore. The days when families sit down together all at the same time at a dining room table to eat are becoming limited, as busy schedules make it increasingly impossible to get the family together. Families that make a practice of eating together have fewer issues with obesity. It is necessary to make the time to spend with the family and to make meal time a part of the familial routine. Families can cook together too so that children can learn about positive cooking techniques, as well. A family that eats together is a healthier family overall.

Source by Robin Reichert

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