The Issue of Obesity

The number of people struggling with obesity is in the millions. To be considered obese, one usually has a BMI of 25 or much higher. Being overweight and especially being obese can lead to many health issues among them are heart disease, cancer, stroke and diabetes.

An obese person is much more susceptible to major medical woes. For example, the weight disrupts your circulation, potentially causing heart problems. This is often a reason for high blood pressure. Many people who are overweight are also developing Type II diabetes as well. The reasons for the increased risk of developing diabetes are many. One such factor is that a person who ingests a lot of sugar in their every-day diet are at an increased risk for being obese and developing diabetes. Developing diabetes is a major cause for concern. The disease has many complications, not the least of which are amputation and even death.

In this day and age in America, there is an increased pressure to be thin. Just being this is a prerequisite to beauty. The same is not necessarily true in other cultures, where it is or has been more desirable to be voluptuous. In these places, dieting has nothing to do with beauty.

If you find that you are overweight then for your own sake and health it is best that you find a way to shed the extra pounds. Going on a diet doesn’t have to be difficult.In fact by eating right according to the food pyramid and getting some proper exercise you can easily lose the weight. Many diet plans will even let you have items from the goodies box on the pyramid. In theory, you can eat whatever you want but in little consumptions. Unfortunately, that means no more super sized meals in your future.

Obese people who wants to lose weight need to remember that losing the weight is not primarily about beauty, instead, they should make their health the main priority of their efforts. Even a small amount of activity can be the first step in a long line of healthier choices. The detrimental health problems of being heavy far outweigh the limited pleasures that being dormant and over-indulging provide.

Source by Ronnie Taggy

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