How To Lose Weight Fast

When attempting to lose weight, it is best to exercise moderation when it comes to your daily diet. A lot of times, people who are dieting are under the impression that they can eat extra amounts of food if it is low fat. This is not the case. In the United States, the vast majority of portions in restaurants are fit for two to three people. Start checking out the portion sizes that come on food labels and try to stick to the food guide pyramid. If you dedicate a week or two to measuring out healthy food portion sizes, you can change your eating habits for life.

One type of food that you should probably eat more of is that which is rich in fiber. These kinds of food are very filling. As a result, people tend to eat less of them. Foods that are high in fiber have also been proven to help reduce the risk of cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and digestive disorders. If you get hungry during the day, have some fruit instead of a bag of chips – not only will it help you lose weight, it will help you stay healthy.

Eat lots of fruit and vegetables, but also a lot of grains, such as rice and bread. If you have to eat food that is high in calories or fat, limit yourself to small, single portions. Your motto should be “less sugar, fewer sweets.” Try to lessen your daily intake of alcohol – or, better yet, eliminate alcohol altogether from your diet. Instead of eating sour cream, why not try low fat or fat free plain yogurt? Instead of eating ice cream, go with fat free frozen yogurt. If you have to eat food that is rich, just do it on occasion to keep yourself from having cravings.

Try to run or walk at least three to six miles each day. Instead of driving to school or work, why not try walking? Going to school or work typically involves a trip on five days out of each week – if you can use this time to walk or run, you can also shed pounds. This method has worked for numerous people – and it is also a lot better for the environment. If this is unfeasible, join an athletic club that involves movement of some sort, such as an in line skating, marathon, or hiking club.

Dedicate at least half an hour each morning to some form of aerobic exercise. It can be aerobics, swimming, jogging, cycling, or walking. These forms of exercise increase the secretion of fat burning hormones. It is incredibly effective because it also raises one’s basic metabolic rate and consumes calories. Our bodies were designed for daily movement. In the events that the body does not move for a long period of time, it will attempt to store as much fat as it possibly can. When you exercise, your body is given the signal to get rid of that fat. The first step is putting aside a block in your schedule that is dedicated to daily exercise.

Source by Dr. Mark Clayson

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