Stress, High Blood Sugar Levels and Belly Fat!

People who have type 2 diabetes should approach stress as an enemy to be eliminated. Why? Because in addition to the normal array of stressors, type 2 diabetes adds more stress. It takes a lot of emotional energy to simply handle normal daily events such as: your job, your family, your finances and, let’s face it… getting older.

Add to that a medical condition like type 2 diabetes, now you you dealing with additional stresses like:

  • high blood sugar levels
  • obesity
  • working out a healthy eating plan
  • fitting in physical exercise
  • if and when to take medications

How do those stress feelings affect your health? Your mental health does affect your type 2 diabetes, here’s how:

  • stress increases the secretion of insulin and the stress hormone, cortisol. These hormones promote the formation of belly fat
  • when stressed you often delay or skip meals… you guessed it… then processed or fast foods are eaten
  • when you feel stressed you will not sleep well. Your cortisol level is triggered, as is your risk of developing belly fat. When you are tired during the day, it is not unusual to drink coffee or energy drinks to help pick you up… unfortunately the caffeine then increases your stress level, and you will not sleep well again. It can keep going around in circles

Hints to help or prevent stress:

1. Shrug if off a quick stretch can help you shrug off stress, especially if you find it builds up in your body.

2. Soak stress away … it is amazing how a warm bath can help get rid of more than just dirt.

3. Let it go you cannot change the past, yesterday is gone. Tomorrow is not here yet. The old cliche that today is the first day of the rest of your life is so true… that is all you can deal with, the here and now.

4. Get organized… daily chaos of missed appointments, and the can’t-find-it syndrome are easy to fix. Use an organizer and make lists; don’t cramp your style.

5. Identify your goals… work out what you need to do to achieve them… then get started.

Your body responds to physical and mental stress by raising your blood sugar levels. When it does, don’t worry about a one-time high reading or a reading that is slightly different to your normal blood sugar range. Enlist friends to help you… ones that will help you not ones that will add to your stress.

Source by Beverleigh H Piepers

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