Here is Why Most People Fail at Their Fat Loss Programs! Ultra Vital Tips You Must Follow

Have you been working out and finding to your utter dismay that you have not managed to lose an ounce? This can be very frustrating. There could be many reasons why you have failed to take off the pounds. Wrong eating habits and lack of exercises could be the major issues, but it could also be that you are ignorant about certain facts regarding obesity and weight loss!

Insulin Resistance.

Sometimes people on a standard diet develop insulin resistance which means that even small and ordinary amounts of sugar, alcohol, flour, etc elevate insulin which causes high blood pressure, obesity, high cholesterol and other health problems. Consumption of saturated fats contributes to this resistance. Eat whole grains, lean protein and healthy unsaturated fats found in fish etc.

Stress and Depression.

These are emotional disorders that make your overeat. Many use the consumption of food to control these emotions and end up adding the pounds. Cortisol, which is the stress hormone, also adds to weight gain as it destabilizes the sugar in the blood. Do not be afraid to change your lifestyle and form new relationships. Meditation is said to help you deal with stress.


These are sticky proteins that are the cause of inflammation, and clumping of white and red blood cells. This inflammation puts added stress on your liver and this automatically causes weight gain. Avoid food sensitivities that cause you to crave for certain foods, bloating and fluid retention – all leading to extra weight and fat gain.

Avoid “Trans Fat” and processed food.

Processed vegetable oils and margarine have dangerous Trans Fat which is really bad for your health. Deep fried foods are a definite ‘no-no”. Use unsaturated oil, coconut and olive oils as these help against metabolism suppression and insulin resistance. Refined carbohydrates are responsible for slowing down your metabolism dramatically. Eat plenty of raw vegetables, and foods high in vitamins, fiber and minerals.

Source by Rahul Talwar

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