Learn the Common Causes of Health Problems You Might Encounter

Your health determines the condition and functionality of various parts and organisms of the human body. It is very essential to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Maintenance of health can be done by maintaining hygiene, managing the stressful conditions, health care, social activity and most importantly observation of daily living. There are many kinds of health problems that are common in humans. There are many causes the provoke and end up generating the problems.

The most significant problem that occurs in this present modern life is due to stress. Stress in small doses does not cause anything to a great extent. But stress in larger dose causes many problems to both body and mind. Chronic stress disturbs all other parts of the body. This increases the blood pressure; it even leads to heart stroke. The stress for longer period will affect the brain as well and lead to a very painful experience.

The major health problem since 1980 is HIV/AIDS. Many awareness activities have been promoted to prevent people from AIDS. Many safety measures have been carried out to prevent the transmission of disease. There are also some infectious diseases like influenza, tuberculosis, measles etc. They causes serious problem to health of the human.

There are many things that affect the immune system and cause the health problem. Most important one that affects the immune system is the cigarette smoking. Cigarette smoking absorbs the essential nutrients and vitamin C which plays the major role in the functioning of immune system. Alcohol also affects the health adversely.

Cancer is the another serious problem. In present days a lot of the people are affected by cancer. Most commonly occurring cancer are lung cancer, breast cancer and colorectal cancer. Influenza is one health problem that is caused during cold months. Influenza is the viral disease that occurs rarely but when it does it affects you severely.

Extreme heat also causes problems for the adults. Many people have lost their life due to extreme temperature. Hence precautions must be taken during extreme condition to prevent the problem. Extreme temperature may cause head ache, confusion, dizziness, weakness etc.

Even Kids are affected by serious health problems like asthma, cancer, allergies, infections etc. Allergies like food allergies which are caused due to unhealthy food, celiac disease, and egg allergies. Most of the kids are affected by asthma which is mainly caused due to a dusty atmosphere. These problems can be prevented by taking proper prevention measures.

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