Preventing Cancer Of The Colon

To be diagnosed with Cancer in any form is everyone’s dread. In recent years great strides have been made in the early detection of cancer, which has helped to considerably reduce the cases of stage three or stage four cancers which are very difficult if not impossible to treat. The reasons for the reduction in advanced cancer and consequent fatalities is that people are more aware of the need to end attend regular check ups and screenings for the more viral forms of cancer such as breast cancer in women and prostrate cancer in men.

In both these forms of cancer, the rate of fatalities is decreasing steadily, facts which are very encouraging for the medical profession. On the downside, however, are the statistics regarding the increasingly rising cases of colonic cancer which go undiscovered until they reach stages three and four. Stage three and four cancer in any form means that the cancer is advanced and has moved out of the area where it originally formed. To arrest its spread, the only option is to carry out major invasive surgery to be followed by a long course of chemotherapy in the hope if removing any remaining cancer cells within the body. An option that nobody would choose.

The reason why the cases of colonic cancer are increasingly steadily is the undo pressure that many people place on their colons and fail to allow it to perform its natural role in our body to keep the flow of waste matter running through our bodies. In the last ten or twenty years, the daily habits of too high a percentage of people has changed, and for the worst. A mixture of the wrong diet, total lack of exercise and a “couch potato” culture has caused an outbreak of obesity in the Western World that has reached epidemic proportions.

The effects that this has had on people’s health is calamitous, and none more than in their digestive system. The human body simply cannot handle mounds of indigestible fat and toxins that are left in the colon, and will rapidly cause it to malfunction. Cancerous cells, caused by an imbalance in DNA, could rapidly form in this environment. The early symptoms of colonic cancer are very difficult to recognize, especially in the chaotic state of health that most overweight people live in. That means that until the cancer can be diagnosed, it will have already have spread.

The hard facts are that the only way that a person can safeguard against the onset of colonic cancer is to adopt a healthy diet free of greasy fast foods, and back it up with regular exercise, preferably outdoors. If their body is already out of kilter, then a good clean out of the colon will be required to allow a “clean sheet” Cancer is a killer and not to be taken lightly. Keeping you weight and your general health under control is a sure fire way to fight it.

Source by G. Crandall

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