Ways By Which Environment Influences Weight Gain And Obesity

The things around us poised a great treat to us in the area of weight loss and obesity. It has contributed to caloric and fat build ups in our body. Some of the things are;

1. AVAILABILITY OF FOOD VARIETIES; with the current trend in Agricultural sector, availability of food has become the other of the day. In the store, there are dazzling arrays of choices in breads, cereals, canned, frozen foods and so many other options to choose from. With these options, it is hard to make the healthiest choice, at times it become hard for us to adhere strictly to diet plans, due to temptations from these options.

2. AVAILABILITY OF AUTOMOBILES; we are addicted to automobile. With the increasingly availability of cars, we have formed the habit of moving around in cars instead walking. We no longer walk, even for a few distances away from home, we go to churches, school, shopping and work by cars. Walking is now out dated in our societies today, inadequate securities is another factor that contributes to automobile addiction. Walking, which helps in reducing the risk of heart diseases and also aids in maintaining a healthy weight is now a lost art.

3. WE SPEND SO MUCH TIME SEATED; with the production of more sophisticated electronics, we tend to spend more time watching television, playing video games and working with the computer, which will give rise to an increased amount of calories that causes weight gain.

4. WE ARE BUSY BEING; with lots of activities at hand, we no longer care for food preparation in our various homes. We have now turned into a sharp-sharp society. We give much believe to less nutritional and high caloric density foods. We now rely heavily on fast foods restaurant for meal, high in fat and calorie dense. Imagine a family that depends fully on fast food, what did you expect? Their daily intake of calories and fat will be high. What is holding us from mapping out time to prepare a nutritious meal for our families, in order to maintain a normal weight.

We can see that the environment is a major contributing factor in the way we gain weight. If we can embrace walking, it will help in burning down fat and the caloric content of the body, so that we can be that smart person we seem to be.

Source by Christian Offor

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