Hamburgers and French Fries Out, Salads in for a Clean and Healthy Colon

Having a clean colon is a thing that was taken for granted and not so long ago. The average man or woman knew very little about fast foods and the computer age was far away in the future. Then in the eighties and nineties the fast food explosion descended upon us bringing with it obesity at epidemic proportions.

People’s bodies were not designed to carry thirty, forty or fifty percent excess weight and the systems began to collapse under the strain. At the same time cable television began to be come very readily available, with 24 hours of programs available.

Not long after, came computer technology and the internet, which meant that people who were already overweight and not too inclined to move were becoming less and less inclined to take part in any form of physical exercise. This “catch 22” situation meant that people, who had gotten very fat through eating all the wrong foods, were adding to their problems by lack of exercise. They were becoming “walking time bombs” or “accidents that were waiting to happen.”

So what needed to be done to help these people to return to some form of healthy life style? To increase their depleted quality of life or even save them from a premature demise?

A whole new diet and exercise regime needed to be brought into play. It meant hamburgers and French fries out, salads fresh fruits and vegetables in; it meant breathing some fresh air in stead of being coped up in a smoke filled room, and taking a walk in the country instead of conquering a few dragons as part of an internet adventure. All this can be done and is being done as people are becoming increasingly aware of the dangers of a sedentary life style.

But what is the key to stepping out on the path of clean living? Maintaining a clean colon, and ridding it of the build up of undigested grease and toxins that have accumulated there, which have damaged the health of the person whose body they were allowed to build up in.

Source by G. Crandall

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