The Easy Guide to Remaining Attractive & Pregnant

Maternity can be a wonderful thing although it can also be an incredibly stressful time for many women. Hormonal fluctuations are one thing, the tiredness as well as the change in body shape can be quite distressing for some.

Sagging breasts as well as not being able to fit into their favorite pair of jeans doesn’t help a bit either. Should I dare even mention stretch marks?

Have you ever wondered how those Hollywood celebrities manage to get pregnant and still look amazing? These guys can make just about anything look sexy, can’t they? What’s their secret?

While many of us would love to be pregnant and still be slim, it is not recommended. In fact, it is advised that you put on some extra weight at least to be able to sustain the baby.

Many women go overboard however and gain too much weight during the pregnancy and this is not healthy for them or their babies, as being too much overweight can cause birth complications as well as defects in babies.

The other side effect of this is that the women who put on a lot of pounds during this period tend to have to battle weight loss after the birth of their child.

If you’re in this situation it is advised that you start keeping track of your weight and eat healthy foods at reasonable quantities that are good for both you and your baby.

The maternity period is not the opportunity for you let yourself go and eat anything you want. Maintain self-control and stay away from junk food and over-indulging. You will find that keeping this up and staying within recommended weight guidelines will not only benefit you during pregnancy, but after as well.

You will definitely find it easier to fight off the weight with some brisk walking or some form of light physical activity. Be sure to check with your doctor about what types of exercise is suitable for you, before starting.

In conclusion, being pregnant does not necessarily mean you’ll be unattractive and overweight, no. You can look just as good as before but it will require effort on your part to stay disciplined, and a lot of trial and error till you find a routine that will work for you.

Source by Michiru Isu

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