Here Comes a Good Explanation on Causes of Diabetes

For many years now, diabetes has brought a lot of problems to patients suffering from it. This is a disease that allows blood sugar/glucose levels to either drop way below or rise way above the required levels. When the sugar levels drop below the levels they are supposed to be, the diabetic condition is usually referred to as Diabetes insipidus and when the sugar levels become excess in the body, the diabetic condition is usually referred to as Diabetes mellitus. For both these two conditions to take place, different causes of diabetes depending on the type of, have got to occur.

Among the causes of diabetes is the deficiency of the antidiuretic hormone also known as vasopressin hormone. This deficiency often occurs when the back or posterior part of the pituitary gland gets destroyed. It is from this place that the hormone is produced and later released in order to help the kidney concentrate urine and the blood with glucose thus enabling the sugar levels to rise up to the level they are supposed to be. Therefore, for patients suffering from diabetes insipidus, the antidiuretic hormone has to be induced iatrogenically through the use of various drugs from time to time so that the sugar concentration in the body can be boosted.

Destruction of the pancreatic tissue in charge of insulin production is also among the causes of diabetes. The tissue often gets destroyed after suffering from diseases such as chronic pancreatitis, trauma or after undergoing a surgical procedure to remove the pancreas. When insulin is not produced because of the destruction of the pancreatic tissue, the type of diabetes condition that is established in the body is referred to as Secondary diabetes mellitus. However, secondary diabetes mellitus can also result from other causes of diabetes such as hormonal disturbances or acromegaly (a condition where by there is an excessive production in the growth hormone).

For Type 1 diabetes, the main cause of the problem comes from damaging the pancreas itself. The pancreas is an organ that resides near the stomach and contains cells known as beta cells which are responsible for the production of insulin. This damage may originate from a small glitch in the immune system which may trigger it to attack the beta cells found in the pancreas hence hindering the process of insulin production. Without the production of insulin, glucose present in the body cannot be metabolized by the body cells and therefore, Type 1 diabetes is likely to occur.

Obesity may also be put in the list of the causes of diabetes 2. Obesity is a health problem where by a person accumulates a lot of body fat which makes him or her appear extremely huge or overweight. With excess fat in the body, insulin is often blocked from reaching the glucose present in the blood and for this reason, the glucose is not acted upon by the insulin hence making the blood get saturated with sugar. The moment this takes place, type 2 or what is commonly known as diabetes 2 can easily occur. Therefore, doctors often advise people not to eat food very rich in fat so as to avoid the possibility of having this problem.

A temporary form of diabetes known as Gestational diabetes which occurs in pregnant women can occur due to the presence of pregnancy hormones or a shortage of insulin in the body. If left untreated, gestational diabetes may cause both the expectant mother and the unborn baby to suffer from other forms of diabetes later in their lives.However, exercises and having a proper diet can ensure that this type of diabetes disappears once the baby is born.

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