To Party Or Not to Party While Pregnant

You are occasionally invited to several parties all year round from company parties to festive parties to house warming parties and the normal get-together among friends. When you find yourself pregnant, these social gatherings also surface in your mind on how you can survive it without eating or drinking the ‘untouchables’ such as alcohol. Just because you are pregnant doesn’t mean that you can’t join in the fun. You can, you just need to do a little bit of homework and a whole lot of self control. Self control is needed because you can get too caught up in the party mood and you can even forget that you are pregnant and end up eating or drinking wrong.

Of course when you are pregnant, there are a few things to avoid such as bungee jumping and other extreme sports but some things can still be done and that is to join your friends in a party. You just need a little planning first.

If you have a health pregnancy diet that you follow, you already have the ground rules laid as your health pregnancy diet helps you in determining what foods can be eaten, what shouldn’t and what can you sip on.

Of course, your health pregnancy diet will shout out ‘No alcohol’. Alcohol in any amount is an absolute no-no during pregnancy as alcohol is dangerous to the baby and can cause birth complications. Wine and champagne is also out of the question, in case you’re wondering. Instead, you can opt for mocktails or fruit juices during parties. If you are at a party with people that you do not know and you are not obviously pregnant, make sure you do not take a drink from them as it might be alcoholic.

Apart from alcohol, you should already know what kind of foods that can be eaten from your health pregnancy diet guide. Food that is tainted can carry a lot of harmful diseases. Uncooked food as well as certain types of pastries and cheese can also be harmful because they contain raw eggs. So ask your host or hostess what it is before indulging into it. Your health pregnancy diet serves as guide and will help you in times like this because you have been following a list of things that is safe for pregnancy and times like this is when you recall foods that are safe and those that are not even if your hostess or host doesn’t provide you with the information. If you are not sure of the foods yourself, and it is best to avoid it altogether, no matter how delicious they look like.

Also, at any party dress appropriately. And by appropriately, we’re not talking about the dress code of the party but something that you are comfortable in- fashionable but comfort should be your top priority. High heels is a not a good suggestion as with panty hose. Also, avoid standing for a long time at parties. Instead, find a spot where you can sit comfortably in and let people come to you and you can entertain them at this position.

Source by Amy Rudd

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