Eastern Holistic Health Wisdom Being Lost to Poor Western Food Processing

Life is filled with irony when you look at it in a detached way. One the one hand, the wisdom of the Eastern world with its holistic approach to health and peaceful society is vastly superior to the lack of wisdom in the western world which tends to be dominated by prejudice and arrogance about its technologies. The irony is that the Eastern world, most especially China where I have lived for the last 4 years, the people all seem focused on becoming more like western people and even in just the 4 years I have been here the growing levels of obesity here is amazing.

In Australia, the typical KFC restaurant is mostly empty and rarely a line to get served – whereas in China the restaurants are much larger, and often the line is to get a table to sit at and the result being that fat people are getting fatter and the beauty of slim Chinese population is being lost. Not only is obesity on the rapid increase here in China, the newspapers now report bowel cancers, heart diseases and diabetes are all spiraling out of control. And there is no question about the problem all being about the food processing methods being adopted according to the American food processing corporation guidelines. Food security and safety are the major concerns, and more chemicals, preservatives and hormones in our food stuffs do not make them more secure or safe.

If you were smart and self-empowered, you would move away from anything other than organically produced foods and you would add a testosterone boosting diet supplement to your multi-vitamin so as to avoid the trap and early death that corporate food production is inflicting on the world. Clean and chemical free foods, testosterone boosting supplements and solid exercise are what your life truly needs to effect a turn-around.

Source by Phil Jarvie

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