Powerful Health Benefits of Essential Oils

An essential oil is an aromatic liquid that is distilled from various parts of the plant. Containing the true essence of the plant, they are very concentrated and 75 to 100 times more powerful than herbs.

The purpose of the essential oil is to keep the plant healthy. They do this by protecting the plant from insects and other herbivores, from bacteria, molds, fungi, and microorganisms. They also help the plant heal inflicted wounds. These unique characteristics make them highly beneficial to mankind.

Essential oils are able to affect both the mind and body. Their ability to affect people on so many different levels is an element unmatched by other healing arts.

The healing benefits of essential oils can be received in three ways. They may be used topically by applying them directly to the skin. Some oils have a caustic effect and dilution may be necessary. They may be used internally or diffused. Essential oils should never be used in the eyes or ears as these membranes are very delicate. Whether the oil is absorbed through the skin, inhaled, or ingested, once it is in the bloodstream, it works therapeutically, regardless of how low the dose.

Here are ways to put essential oils to work for you and your family for everyday health benefits:

Increase memory and stamina: Drink a glass of water with 2-3 drops of lemon, orange, or peppermint essential oil.

Boost immune system: Apply frankincense, oregano, or thyme to the bottom of the feet (3 to 4 drops) after a shower.

Protect against fungus, bacteria, and microbes: Turn on a diffuser in your home or office, using a blend that is protective against microbes.

Eliminate stomach upset: Take a drop or two of cinnamon bark oil in warm water and drink as a tea.

Stop headaches: Rub lavender oil on the temples, top of the head, and forehead; lie down 10 minutes and inhale deeply from the oil left on your hands.

Prevent motion sickness: Sprinkle a few drops of ginger or peppermint oil on a tissue and let your sick prone child inhale it during the car ride.

Study aid: To increase concentration and focus, experiment with diffusing one of these essential oils near the study area: lemon, grapefruit, peppermint, bergamot, or pine.

Insomnia: Place two drops of lavender oil on a tissue and tuck it underneath your pillow.

Cure canker sores: Place myrrh on the canker sore for quick healing.

Colds and cough: Rub an immune system blend on the chest, back and apply to the bottom of the feet.

Essential oils are non-greasy, yet, soft and soothing. They are nature’s perfect solution for the problems that chemicals, poor nutrition, and stress have added to our lives.

The safety and life changing effects of essential oils are dependent entirely on their purity and their quality. Generally speaking, essential oils that you find in department stores, and even health food stores, are of uncertain quality and are not appropriate for ingestion or healing. For best results, only pure and natural essential oils should be used.

Experiment and find your essential oils, the ones that make a real difference in your life. The whole idea behind aromatherapy is that it should be a pleasurable experience. There should be more than one oil that you can use for a particular condition, so you should be able to find one that you like.

Source by Faye Durham

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