Type 2 Diabetes – Little Things You Can Do to Manage This Ailment

Type 2 diabetes or lifestyle diabetes is caused by a combination of factors such as lack of exercise and poor nutrition. What people fail to see that it is the most easily reversed disease, and that the debilitating symptoms that come with this disease are all being caused by the individual themselves.

The first thing that needs to be modified and this is diet. However doctors are ill equipped to provide nutritional advice that will greatly benefit the individual affected. The following are a few basic tips;

1.Stay away from all sugar i.e. soft drinks, lollies and chocolate

2.Substitute all high GI foods to low GI foods i.e. the most common being changing white bread to wholemeal or multigrain breads

3.Supplements can help (products such as low carbohydrate whey protein, and chromium picolinate which can help maintain blood glucose levels)

These few basic things can drastically help reduce average blood sugar levels, making the blood less viscous and reducing blood pressure levels.

The second important thing in the treatment of type 2 diabetes is exercise. What many nutritionists and doctors recommend is a cardiovascular based exercise program because being overweight and type 2 diabetes come hand in hand.

However what they fail to realise that this only treats the symptoms and only somewhat reverses the disease. Resistance based training in conjunction with aerobic exercise is a much better combination. This is because blood glucose is predominantly regulated by insulin and muscle mass i.e. the more muscle you have the easier and quicker the glucose is taken out of the blood and stored in the muscle as glycogen. This again deceases blood viscosity and helps symptoms such as high blood pressure.

Source by Andrew Bulloch

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