Man Boobs – The Causes of Gynecomastia and How to Beat It

In order to learn how best to get rid of Man Boobs, otherwise known as gynecomastia,it is important that you get to know what the causes of this most annoying and embarrassing condition are.

Here is a summary of the main causes:

1. Excess weight

This is probably the most common cause. Some overweight men are predisposed to carrying a lot of their fat stores around the chest area

2. Hormonal Imbalances

There is a constant flux in the levels of different hormones in the body. The two we are concerned with here, are the male hormone testosterone and the female hormone, oestrogen. When oestrogen levels exceed testosterone, the mammary glands in the male breast tissue are stimulated to produce more fat, resulting in female like breast tissue.. man boobs.

3. Certain medications can cause an overproduction of oestrogen in the body:

These include some antibiotics, anti ulcer drugs, prostate cancer therapies, calcium channel blockers used to treat hypertension and diuretics which can have a testosterone lowering effect.

4. The use of illegal anabolic steroids is a common cause of gynecomastia in bodybuilders, who not known for their subtlety, term the condition, “bitch tits”.

5. Some studies claim that excessive use of marijuana causes a lowering of testosterone levels and lead to development of man boobs.

6. Mass produced beef, lamb and chicken are regularly injected with large amounts of antibiotics and growth inducing hormones. Some men react to eating these, by overproducing oestrogen.

7. Soya products such as soya milk contain pytoestrogens. Phytoestrogens are known to affect the levels of oestrogen in the body.

Now that you have a better idea of the causes of man boobs, the matter of losing them becomes that much easier…

Embark on an exercise routine. The appropriate program should combine weight training with cardio vascular work done in an intensive fashion. The right type of exercise will help you increase your lean muscle tissue, elevate your testosterone levels and lose excess fat. You do not have to resort to expensive surgery.

Eliminate any of the above listed factors that may apply to you.

You will be well advised to switch to organic chicken and get your beef, lamb and pork products from grass fed and naturally reared livestock.

One more tip…I saw a documentary on BBC TV, I reckon, about 15 years ago. It highlighted a study showing that plastic, particularly soft plastic, secretes chemicals which mimic the female hormone, oestrogen. Recent studies have also suggested a link between the increased incidence of breast growth in boys and these chemicals called phthalates that leach from plastics. Incidentally, girls have also been found to develop breast tissue much quicker.

It is interesting to note that phthalates are also present in everyday products such as toys, personal care products such as shampoos and perfumes

I know it is virtually impossible to totally avoid plastic and phthalates, but it is wise to do what you can to minimize your exposure.

Environmental and dietary factors have combined to make the incidence of man boobs…which was previously, almost a rites of passage problem amongst adolescent boys, or largely due to obesity… a growing issue in today’s world of sculpted pecs and 6 packs.

So, the first step in beating this problem of gynecomastia is to be conscious of your environment and the food you chose to eat.

If you can do this, you are half way to losing your man boobs.

Source by Ollie Lawson

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