Secreted Facts About Diabetes Exposed

Diabetes is a disorder that affects the mechanism of carbohydrates and have being on the increase for quite an age now. Diabetes develops due to high glucose levels in the blood due to the inability of the body to utilize it properly because of lack of insulin. This disease is dangerous and deadly and it affects over 120 million of the world population.

Insulin is one hormone that is produced by the pancreas which main function is to control blood glucose levels in the body. Diabetes is caused by taking unhealthy diets, physical inactivity and obesity. Therefore, people living with this ailment have a high possibility of high blood pressure, circulation problems, nerve damage, eyes damage, kidneys problems, stroke and heart disease.

Unexplained weight loss, excessive hunger, frequent thirst, passing of too much urine frequently particularly at night, having white tongue, tiredness and blurred vision are some diabetes symptoms. Furthermore, there are two major types of this ailment. The two types are the type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

Type 1 diabetes is refers to as juvenile diabetes is common among children and people under 40 years of age. It grows when the cells of the pancreas are destroyed thereby not able to produce insulin again. This problem occurs when the body reacts abnormally to these cells as a result of virus and other infection.

Type 2 diabetes on the other hands is the most common type that occurs when the body produces insulin but in an insufficient manner or the one being produced is not utilized properly. While this is hereditary and runs in many families, the main cause is being obese. This type always develops in the middle age but it appears earlier than middle age in people that are over weight.

For the effective treatment of this disease, it is very important that you eat balanced diet at all time as this plays a vital role in its treatment. You must take extra care to watch your eating habits as well as ensure that you eat healthy food on regular basis. You must avoid sugary drinks and foods as they make blood glucose rise very fast and difficult to be controlled. Also, eat small quantity of salt and salty foods and maintain sensible drinking limit. Furthermore, give high fiber diet to children with juvenile diabetes for stable blood sugar.

Diabetes is a deadly disease that must be avoided as much as possible. It affects a lot of people throughout the world and has claimed the life of so many. Consequently, eat healthy balanced diet or take diet tablets or insulin as advised by your physician, do routine medical check ups, exercise regularly and live a healthy lifestyle for effective diabetes management.

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