Why Don’t Diets Ever Work!

And Guess What? The cure has nothing to do with the words ‘healthy balanced diet’ or ‘calorie control’.

This is the first time ever, this information has been revealed.

If it were possible, diets should be banned. Not because they never work long term, but because they ruin our body’s natural mechanism to control our weight. It now looks like serial diets are at least one of the causes for the obesity epidemic we see today. What is worse; we are passing it on to our children.

If you think diets ultimately fail because people fail to stay on them, think again. This is the belief encouraged by the diet industry, it is self serving and it is completely false.

The easiest way to confirm that is to seek out anyone who was an adult forty years ago. Ask them if obesity and Type 2 Diabetes were common problems back then. They can confirm that weight problems were rare and usually had a medical Cause. Type 2 Diabetes was unknown.

It is no coincidence that the diet industry began to get established, not long before weight problems began to appear. Both have been growing in tandem ever since. Each decade we notice the problem has grown exponentially, till today, when we learn it has now affected sixty percent of the population. Where will this take us in another decade? Some Futurist’s have predicted that it is our future destiny.

Let’s prove them wrong.

You may think that all the new fast food and pastries are the cause of today’s Obesity Epidemic. That is wrong. Burgers and Hot Dogs and many other Fast foods, as well as cakes sweets and anything else you can think of. All were readily available much longer than forty years ago. Fast foods were simply different, mainly because they contained a lot more fat.

The same is true of our meat and poultry today, which no longer resembles, either in color or texture, the products you would have seen at the butchers forty years ago. Where food is concerned, we have inherited a tasteless, colorless, almost odorless “Food Mall world of convenience”, and the people who have profited are the same people who tell us which products are healthy for us to eat.

We need to unlearn some things we currently hold very dear. You see: Green, by definition, does not mean Good. Foods are not healthy simply because they are called healthy by a lot of other people. It is not natural to be on a diet. Our body does not require that we split our food into groups. The whole premise is absurd.

We do not need to separate our food into categories. The body doesn’t care, it will do all that work for us, as long as we give it the right fuel, that is, the food nature intended. A diet has only ever been necessary when it forms part of a treatment for a medical condition.

We have been getting it wrong for forty years, we have been inundated with misinformation, we have been seduced by nonsensical diets and we have been promised results which can never happen. Not permanently. Why? Because diets challenge the way our body is suppose to function. Each time we try another diet, the weight comes back with a bonus of a few extra pounds. That’s nature’s payback for our foolishness.

Of course, not everybody has a weight problem and you maybe one of the forty percent or less who does not yet have one. But everybody knows somebody who does, because you cannot avoid sixty percent of the population and if we don’t stop it while we still can our children and grandchildren will be pay the price.

You see, we have been passing this on from one generation to the next for almost forty years and with each generation it has become more entrenched. Not long ago, we saw a picture on the front page of our newspapers of the first ever obese newborn baby. It has become almost common place to see little children start pre-school, obese. This no longer needs to happen we can stop and reverse it and the result will be permanent.

Source by Kirsten Plotkin

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